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Getting Extorted again? Lets discuss

On the 29th Brian Krebs penned another article in the serious series asking about whether you’d fall for phone scams. People will stop at nothing to get what they want, in this case, access to some serious cash. In this case, some smart thinking did not lead to the loss of money if I remember correctly.

I’m almost doing a double take thinking about this because we now can’t rely on our contacts to answer the phone.

In a long time post entitled The 19-Year-Old Blind “Little Hacker” Gets 135 Months in Federal Prison For “Swatting” tells the story about a teenager who started using technology to spoof telephone numbers. I had been caught in that war because he targeted someone I knew, someone I was dating, and had access to anything he wanted.

In another similar article Here’s something to ponder: a con man turned cybersecurity pro has tips another con is interviewed and I read all of the books in the particular series.

The posts I link too here link to other similar stories and experiences, and Brian links to the prior posting in this series which I also blogged about nd talked about in my last podcast. I don’t think this will slow down any time soon, but it is something to think about.

Have you been targeted in phone scams? Have any thoughts? Comment right here.

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