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Nigerian Scammers won’t quit, up 90k per month in 2019 from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Nigerian Scammers won’t quit, up 90k per month in 2019

On April 28th, I read an article talking about the Nigerian Scam. In prior posts, I’ve talked about my own experiences about women who have targeted me on twitter, to move to hangouts, to then ask for money or gift cards.

Just because we’re in a crisis, doesn’t mean the scammers really care much. I’m sure that you’ll find plenty of stuff on the net talking about scams and what they’re talking about especially from Phishlabs, who are posting article content about Covid-19 and what scammers are doing.

I’ve published some of these, but not all.

According to this article, that 90k is a monthly total, which means they’ll stop at nothing. The group, according to the article, is “silver terrior.” The group themselves target you through Business Email compromise, which is anothr form of attack, if you’re new to the blog. You can find plenty of blog po0sts from around this and other blogs talking about this attack in more detail.

This group is partially responsible for the 1,163 percent uptick in attacks in the legal and professional services last year alone! If this is any indication of things to come, I expect the numbers to hit the roof this year.

Internet Cases a blog on law and technology is run by someone who was once a part of the now defunked “This Week in Law” show that was once a staple in the twit network. This blog in recent blog posts talked about law, technology, and other aspects of dispute resolution that may be of interest. Recent videos are also posted there. I bring this blog up because it does cover some interesting things that might be of interest to some, and who knows, maybe Evan will have comments posted on something like this.

One of the things that bothers me is that a fraction of the reported numbers comes from one guy alone who is supposedly married and had kids to boot. Fraudsters like this present themselves as legitament business people, yet scamming people out of their hard earned money.

There’s plenty to read on this one, so why not give it a read? Nigerian email scammers upped their game, averaging 90,000 attacks monthly in 2019 is the article, and i’m sure that there will be comment on this one! The comment boards await you. Lets see what they have to say on this one!

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Nigerian Scammers won’t quit, up 90k per month in 2019 was released on April 30, 2020 at 2:00 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: April 30, 2020.

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