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Who is World Wired Labs?

I thought that Krebs on Security wrote articles similar to this, but this one came from Cyberscoop. The question is: Who is World Wired Labs and why are they selling an Android trojan? I want to know why we are continuing to have these types of problems when the Google Play store has apparently become more apt to this type of thing and they deny apps that are meant to cause harm.

A company advertising a remote access tool frequently used by criminals and nation-state hackers may be serving as a front for a Chinese hacking group, according to new research published Tuesday by BlackBerry Cylance.

Links throughout will prevent any further copying, but the apps in question discussed are not what they claim to be.

I’ll leave you here, and you can find more info by reading the article which asks: Who is World Wired Labs and why are they selling an Android trojan?

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Who is World Wired Labs? was released on May 1, 2020 at 9:40 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: May 1, 2020.

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  1. Comment by crashmaster date 2 May 2020 alle 20:16 (),

    Well this shows that behind every company there is potentially another identity.
    Its probably quite hard to identify who is or isn’t especially now.
    I got a message on one of my test lists that came from a company I never heard about a company called braille associates.
    It said that because of all the breaches and all the issues with the virus it was giving some presentation so companies could sell things to people with disabilities, saying big words like the corperations were taking a lot of the stimulous packages in the us which is aparently true.
    Then saying that it was trying to give cash back to the people and going on how it hoped to get in organisation and shopping companies.
    The message wasn’t spam, it all looked lagit, it even had links to the groups website that I was subscribed to but not their own links.
    It looked fine except the message was really long, over a paragraph.
    I read the message, then binned it.
    I havn’t tried to even search the company out.
    The company and what it was trying to do is probably completely legal but a message that long had me on edge.
    I didn’t know about the company, and while its concept and such was just and the articles on what it was saying were true enough, the fact it never gave links to itself or anything pluss the long message pluss its mention of databreaches and stuff still got me on edge.

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