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Internet companies aren’t so bad, there are some good people out there

The following is my experience only, and each person may have different results. In no way am I going to tell people to use one Internet company over another, but after the experiences over the past few days, I thought I’d really take a deep dive in to how things have changed.

On Thursday afternoon, I noticed mail errors and did some investigating. I published this blog post on my personal twitter and copies also went out on on the network blog and the the mix internet radio blog as those are the main blogs I run. I do have one more but didn’t think to post the issues there.

After doing some more investigating, I posted the following tweet.

Jared Rimer, Update: the outage to the sites looks like its an ATT issue, calling them for me, don’t know how this will help, but giving it a try. 4 days ago, TW Blue

Several days later, I got this tweet from ATT. I’ve never communicated by social Media, but this is the first time i’ve communicated with them in this manner. I didn’t even tweet at them although I knew the name, and they responded to my tweet two days prior.

AT&T Help, @jrimer2008 Hey there Jared! Thank you for the update. Feel free to send us a DM if you need anything regarding your AT&T account. ^AlliyaT 2 days ago, Sprinklr

I explained that on my phone call, I asked about the wifi speeds and the person who took my call on Thursday just indicated that it was normal for it to be slow. I said it was beyond slow, that I was getting like 5mbps down and 1mbps up just to give an example.

I was then asked to direct message some account details. This was quite different doing customer service, and I even gave them Post mortem, an outage across the network on April 29th which I posted that day.

The tech I had was awesome, calling to discuss what the issue was, the fact i have had it for some time and my call Thursday prompted me to ask the question to begin with.

I’ve been doing this kind of work for many years now, and I’ve seen many reports of angry customers taking to social media to trash a company for whatever the reason was. While the above tweet indicated I would call to get the network issues resolved for me if it can be duplicated, I was able to tell them I had some other concerns that were not addressed during the call.

The weekend came and I got to thinking, I’ll do the best I can until Monday when I might have to call in and have tests come to see whats really going on. A tech called me, asked some questions, and was able to dispatch a tech for Sunday. I’ve never had techs coming anywhere on Sunday and they did come.

Suffice it to say, it turned quite interesting because I thought I would wait till Monday and call later in the day to talk to someone about the issue to determine if my equipment was going bad or what.

The tech was great too. For a sunday, they showed up in the afternoon and serviced me quickly. It was very nice to get quick, prompt, and efficient service over the weekend and now I think I’m doing well.

The person said that you can reach out to any ATT account you know of and I would recommend that you be courteous with your needs so someone can assist you. I’ve seen too many demanding people on social media say “do this or else” and trash the company for bad service.

I know I’ve made mistakes through the years as we learn and grow, but I’ve never trashed companies on social media. It isn’t who I am, and it’ll never be who I am. The experience I had this weekend was quite awesome, and this is a nice change to see.

Thanks for reading this blog, and I hope that it may bring some hope in your day knowing that companies today are looking out to help you. Great job!

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Internet companies aren’t so bad, there are some good people out there was released on May 4, 2020 at 11:04 am by tech in General commentary.
Last modified: May 4, 2020.

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  1. Comment by crashmaster date 4 May 2020 alle 14:35 (),

    Hi jared.
    Good to know.
    I have had a mixed bag with internet and technology companies in general.
    Many of my previders have either been good or bad depending on what I got.
    Examples are right across the spectrum.
    Microsoft is included.
    About 6 years back I called microsoft general support to fix an update issue.
    I was upgraded to a tech that logged into my system, fixed the issue, and even sent me a fully indexed and accessible html report of what was done.
    They never needed to do that yet they did and I still refer to that from time to time.
    In another microsoft call, just 2 years ago, I had an issue with office.
    After generally mucking about, the call center having stuffed up my installation like they usually do, sent me to another call centre that was the same as the first.
    This followed several days of them calling me and me calling back, and several remote sessions.
    Eventually they decided they couldn’t fix it and sent me to microsoft research in america and not india.
    The tech that worked with the issue was trying to fix it.
    He tried to fix it but again didn’t work.
    After a lot more mucking about while he didn’t fix it explained he knew what may be a problem and to wait for a week.
    A couple days later there was an update and the issue was fixed.
    Those are my 2 semi good issues with microsoft.
    I have had experiences where speech in xp went, I rang them and they did a bunch of things to fix it.
    Not only did it not fix it, it broke speach entirely.
    In another instance, I had a search issue last year after an update.
    After not understanding me for ages the tech proceeded to make another user profile which didn’t really help, then to repair windows which didn’t really work either.
    In both instances I had to completely reformat the pc to get what was a small issue solved because the pc refused to work after that.
    While I have since worked round bits of the issues I have had enough so the system does work without me needing to reformat all the time there are still issues about.
    Some of which I will simply just not be calling microsoft about because of the 3 or so bad service calls I ahd from them.
    In another case my current isp and I had an issue where I upgraded the router though I wasn’t supposed to, there was no warning not to update my fibre connection or vdsl at the time this way so I just did it.
    There is now a warning about that.
    Well they had to replace the router completely and then made mistakes when connecting the thing.
    It took many calls and a threat to leave before they decided to just fix the issue and move on.
    The previder has been good though with a 99.9% uptime and generally good support so its not a big issue now.
    Pluss with fibre I don’t need their support as such so its ok.
    Before that another previder I will not name has had a mix of good and bad support.
    Lately they have been ok, but they also have previously not been good.
    The only good isp support I had was with vodaphone last year.
    My uncle had just had his house broken into and due to half his security network being offline he couldn’t get all the data he needed.
    Some cameras were not connecting.
    Ringing up vodaphone first got the responce they didn’t want anything not secure connecting to their network, but when I told them it just connected and handled things securely they had a look and after asking the right questions was told there was a bug in the router firmware, and that they would patch it which they did immediately.
    Not only did that fix the cameras though I needed to update them afterwards, but it fixed all the other issues my uncle was having with wireless devices in general.
    This happened in the weekend and the call centre was a local one.
    Yesterday I had issues with google and decided to livechat round midnight my time just to see if anything would even come up.
    There was and they are helping me fix things officiently and smoothly.
    So it can be a mixed bag.
    Generally I have had a bad run with laptop and hardware support unless they want me to buy something.
    Jabra has also been good with device support.
    Hp sadly hasn’t, if I have an issue they can’t solve their responce is to get the system serviced.
    I have taken computers not necessarily hp ones to get serviced.
    At best case the system comes back, updated, refreshed, and its issue fixed.
    I may have to remove stuff that was left at startup that was not removed properly.
    At worse, the system comes back in a mess and I need to reformat to get it completely working though at least its actually fixed otherwise.
    I have heard horror stories where things have gotten more broken.
    So its a mixed bag out there.
    Most of my communication has been via phone, or email.
    Yesterday was my first via live chat.
    I have not bothered with tweating my isp but its good in these troubled times you were able to tweat, even though part of things were indirect and get a responce.
    Shows you that you never know who is watching.
    In this case it did help you a load.

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