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Los Angeles Metro gets rid of Go Metro as official app: endorses Transit App from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Los Angeles Metro gets rid of Go Metro as official app: endorses Transit App

For a long time, Los Angeles Metro has had their own application which I’ve demoed on this podcast when I first got my iphone and was needing an application to get me my bus. It never seemed right to me, and the interface I felt could use an improvement.

Someone told me about Transit App which I really enjoy. At one point, voice over was doing something strange, and they were willing as a small company to get on skype or some sort of call as I showed them what it was doing. Whatever it was, the problem was fixed.

I’ve demoed Transit App while in transit, and I also have talked about recent updates although I’ve not demoed the recent changes.

What does this have to do with Los Angeles Metro? It has plenty, because at an event I attended, people were asking which app to use, and the Metro representative happened to mention Transit App and not their own. Go Metro, Metro’s application, has not been updated and lacks features like the stop announcements, and the real time data, both Transit App and even Move it has. Move it has stop announcements, but the interface is accessible but confusing at times, and the rating of the real time data of when you’ll get off is not all that great. I also think that moveit, while it does have the same data, has not true realtime data, although I like their stop announcement features.

A recent blog post from Los Angeles Metro caught my attention, and I went to go call one of my contacts yesterday. He was thinking that Metro was going to roll Transit App’s features in to their own, but I had another hunch before I even read the article which I did read.

“The improved app is very timely given the ongoing pandemic as we can no longer rely on transit data from the past,” said Conan Cheung, Senior Executive
Officer in Metro Operations. “There is a new normal in terms of transit demand and Transit gives us the ability to quickly get an impression of how the
system is being used. That, in turn, allows us to quickly make service adjustments when and where needed.”

In the past, Metro developed its own app, which was time and resource intensive. We’re now pivoting to using an existing app that we think already works
great. Ultimately, we chose to work with Transit because the app is well-designed and the trip planner is intuitive and easy to use. We believe Transit
does a great job of taking something that can be confusing by nature —  navigating a complex city via transit — and making it a straightforward experience.

The contract with Transit, which was selected through a competitive Request for Proposals process, costs zero dollars and the partnership is expected to
save Metro $240,000 per year in app maintenance and development costs.

The last paragraph is the key! This move costs nothing, and Metro already provides data openly, so why not recommend something that already works?

As a public agency, Metro is committed to providing open data to the public. If you prefer Google Maps or Apple Maps, for example, the agency is still
pushing our latest data to anyone who wants it.

I’ve tried Google for transit, it was not all that useful to me at all. Never did get it to work. Neither did Apple, although their maps feature got me to the train station from an unfamiliar place, so I mainly use it for that.

Thank you Metro for listening. I’ve been promoting this transit app linked here for awhile now, and never mentioned go Metro. I really like your move.

To read the full announcement from Los Angeles Metro, head over to the source and read the blog: Metro partners with Transit app to making riding and trip planning easier and more accurate. Thanks for reading!

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