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Another breach, this time, a home food chef delivery service

If you think the airlines are exempt, I also read an article talking about a home chef service that suffered a breach.

Home Chef food delivery service confirms breach, two weeks after stolen data went for sale is not what you want to have happen. Confirming a breach after it went for sale is the worst thing any company can do. If you learn about it afterwords, I can see that as a mistake, but if you knew, and you didn’t publish until afterword, then that isn’t good.

The number of customers that were effected by this breach are unknown.

The group that seems to be attributed to this hack is only known as Shiny Hunters. I think I’ve covered them once before, but even I don’t know much about them.

“We recently learned of a data security incident impacting select customer information, including names and emails, as well as limited customer account
information and encrypted passwords,” the company said in a statement. “We are taking action to investigate this situation and to strengthen our information
security defenses to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.”

You are?

The company did not answer questions seeking clarification about when the breach occurred, how many of its users are affected and whether the stolen information
is being used for illicit purposes.

In the company’s defense, they may not know if the info is used ilicitly, but not disclosing how many customers may not be that good for them.

There are many companies like this one that deliver ingredients to be able to cook meals. One company who advertised on Twit at one point is Blue Apron. I’ve never heard of a problem like this with them, and I bet they have many customers they deliver ingredients to.

I shouldn’t be surprised that a company like this was breached, eventually all companies will, but the fact we don’t have a number in this case makes me a little concerned for other companies like this.

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Another breach, this time, a home food chef delivery service was released on May 30, 2020 at 1:00 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: May 30, 2020.

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