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Phishing emails from lastpass wannabees

I love the fact that Lastpass is being transparent. Here is some news and my thoughts on this, with a link to their blog posted yesterday.

Yesterday, Lastpass blogged about the fact that actors are impersonating them in an attempt to get people to turn over their lastpass master password. The master password allows one to authenticate with the platform to gain access to the passwords and other information that may be in one’s account. In the blog post PHISHING ALERT | FRAUDULENT EMAILS REQUESTING MASTER PASSWORD UPDATE Lauren Christopherson talks about what is happening, and has some bullet points on what people using the service should do to make sure they’re using Lastpass corectly. Please take a look at this if you’re a lastpass user. If you use another manager, you should look at this and see if your mannager has any solutions to keep yourself safe in case you happen to make a mistake and open your account to someone else.

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Phishing emails from lastpass wannabees was released on July 19, 2020 at 6:00 pm by tech in article commentary.
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