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This has to be the biggest breach to date

Shaun Everiss, our other administrator, sent me a link to one of the worst hacks I think we’ve ever seen.

While this is not surprising to some, this is not the first time anything has happened.

Here is the entire Email Shaun sent me this afternoon on this.



It was bound to happen eventually I mean lets face it we use gps devices and they are a target, never the less its still a shock even though you sort of expect this thing these days.

If they can hack your smart watch and phone they can do just about everything else.

I use a smart stereo and tv smart box here.

These are in standbuy when not in use and are available to app control.

Though I am secure on my end and so is everything else, if they can get in, there is a lot of dammage one could probably do.

Gps data is one thing, and while a stereo is limited to playing random tracks and shoving volume up to the max, etc, if they got your passwords to spotify and other accounts then you would have a lot more trouble.

This shows that if its used by the masses its a target.

And no matter how secure you are the bad guys are watching for the slightest mistake.

I remember seeing something earlier about this mess, and I wasn’t wrong.

In 2018, the Guardian reported
that fitness tracking app Strava gave away the location of secret U.S. army bases by releasing a data visualization map that detailed the activity of
Strava users. The data visualization map could be used to identify U.S. bases by mapping the activity of military personnel using the app, which became
apparent in places like Afghanistan and Syria where it appeared the app was almost exclusively used by those in the military.

According to the article:

Scott-Railton also noted that while many consumers may know Garmin for its wearable smartwatches and sports and fitness tracking systems, the company also
has a full fleet of navigational products

and I bet none of us really know what those products are.

Each and every company always says that our privacy is their utmost priority. Even on the Securty Box’s coverage of Coppa, the question was asked about web sites in general and how verification of the data takes place. It can’t be done, I said, unless a human does it. That is why MENVI does all of our application sign ups manually, and it isn’t ever stored in any database accessed on the Internet. It is just too risky!

The article I’m going to link to has a link to the company’s press release. To read more, The Garmin Ransomware Hack Is Horrifying from vice, part of motherboard. I want people to comment on this, as the company is well-known. This can’t be good. This can only get worse. Thank you Shaun for adding your comments and allowing us to use them. I think you’re spot on with them.

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This has to be the biggest breach to date was released on July 29, 2020 at 4:20 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: August 2, 2020.

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