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Did you know there are tricky forms of phishing? from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Did you know there are tricky forms of phishing?

I recently read an article dealing with tricky forms of phishing on the new Intellegence blog. I found it quite facinating what we can learn.

Many phishing pages are hosted on websites with spoofed domains or pages created through website builders. But recently, creating phishing pages has become
easier through the use of forms — tools that can be configured within only a few minutes.

Lets take a look at this a minute. This is talking about using forms generated by tools such as Microsoft, Google, and even other products that might be developed in the future. I’ve seen different types of Spam lately that link to some sort of Google document URL. Sometimes I’ve gotten curious, and it is a redirector, others I just ignore.

This reminds me of the resume deal where I would receive potential resumes from people. I would open them and it says it can’t be opened. I would send it off to someone who confirmed it couldn’t be opened. I did what any person would do and tell them that the file they sent couldn’t be opened and I need another. They never wrote back, mainly because hings like this are now common where they want to infect you. Maybe my mistake was to respond, but I would’ve kept the resume on file if I had an opening, which I don’t. Now that this can easily be done using online tools, and the documents can contain anything, how can we be so sure? This is going to get interesting.

There are 13 different sites besides the main two I mentioned above according to the article under the question “How are these schemes formed?”

Would you like to read the article and learn more about this so you can be informed like I was? From Trend Micro Research, I bring you the article: Tricky ‘Forms’ of Phishing for you to check out and lets learn together. Thanks so much for reading the blog, and lets learn together!

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Did you know there are tricky forms of phishing? was released on September 9, 2020 at 1:00 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: September 9, 2020.

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