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The Security Box, podcast 12 for September 30, 2020

Welcome to podcast 12 of the security box. We had quite a few topics this time, and even a podcast segment. Want to participate? Contact info is given throughout the program, so feel free! The notations of the program follow.

Welcome to podcast 12 of the tech podcast series known as the Security Box.


  • On podcast 10 of the box, we link to an article about due dilligence. It was segment 2 of that podcast. Just recently,, its time to update this, as now Krebs has an article asking the question: Who is Tech Investor John Bernard? Seems to me that this guy, whoever he is, is not a good guy, and I think I visited the page in the first story just to see what it was about. In no way was I going to utalize the services, but I was mainly curious what the main page had to say. It is funny to see that the site has a general closed message on it, and people still come forward afterword to people like Brian and tell him what has happened to them. This is quite funny, and I think I’ll have this as my first topic. Did you read the article linked to in podcast 10, and if so, what did you think? What do you think now?
  • Apparently, another tech company is hitting the news in regards to a ransomware attack. The company in question put out the same type of info that most companies put out in regards to the breach or lack there of when it comes to personal information that may have been taken. The problem is that the investigation is still ongoing, and even though the article was updated after initial printing, we can’t say who is telling the truth. Govt. Services Firm Tyler Technologies Hit in Apparent Ransomware Attack is the article, and I think this aught to be quite interesting. Only time will tell.
  • APWG is the Anti Phishing working group. This group does work to try and advise security experts and us on how to be as safe as possible. Now they’re saying that SSL should not be used in determining if a website is secure. We’ve known through Phishlabs articles on the blog that the rate of SSL certificates by actors was on the rise, but now we shouldn’t rely on it. APWG: SSL Certificates No Longer Indication of Safe Browsing comes from the Phishlabs folks, and I think its worth the read. We also put it in the news notes rundown, and I am sure it’ll garner conversation.

News Notes:

  • News Notes has quite a few items even though I have had technical problems as of late. The weather isn’t helping with health concerns as well, so it may not be large, but it is good none the less. If you’re interested in the news I’ve gathered, head on over to this blog post and check out what might interest you. There may be some overlap, but at the same time, you might find something you want discussed that I didn’t read.

Podcast segments

  • Michael in Tennessee is on with us for about 37 minutes talking about one particular article that caught his attention. He and I discuss this particular article, and we even bring up other odds and ends tying this up with other revelant but could be off topic stuff as well. The article we reference comes from Cyber Scoop, and its a good one. FBI hopes a more aggressive cyber strategy will disrupt foreign hackers which was posted to that site on the 21st of September. This article was written by Sean Lyngaas.

Want to download a copy of this and don’t want to go to the RSS feed? Please feel free to use this dropbox link which lasts 1 week. Thanks so much for reading, participating, and or checking out what we have to offer. See you on another edition of the podcast!

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The Security Box, podcast 12 for September 30, 2020 was released on September 30, 2020 at 9:00 pm by tech in podcast announcements.
Last modified: September 30, 2020.

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