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Let’s talk a little bit about passwords

For the last few years, I’ve been hearing about the potential of going passwordless. This would mean that people would have to authenticate through another method such as an app, biometrics, or something else that they may have.

In the upcoming podcast for the Security Box, I think it is appropriate to talk about the Lastpass article LastPass Research Finds 92% of Businesses Believe Passwordless Authentication Is in Their Organization’s Future as it is this year’s article dealing with this topic.

In the show notes for the upcoming podcast, I quoted the following paragraph.

Passwords have long been one of the leading drivers of security risks and employee frustrations for businesses, which has only increased since organizations
transitioned to working remote. Passwordless authentication, on the other hand, securely connects employees to their work without the need to type a password
through technologies such as biometric authentication, single sign-on and federated identity. Is passwordless authentication the solution to the password

This is a definite beginning to a definite promising article.

Last year, 4 hours a week were spent on passwords, this year, 5 hours, a 25 percent increase according to the article. 85 percent of organizations surveyed say that they need to find a solution to reduce the number of passwords they have.

Here at the Jared Rimer Network, my administration set includes passwords for specific email lists ran by the Mailman software. It also has a control panel log in, and a way to create other accounts and access to the ones I have without those passwords.

Passwordless authentication enables employees to login to devices and applications without the need to type in a password, and can offer benefits for both
employees and IT. The research found the benefits of deploying a passwordless authentication model are twofold – for the employee it largely eradicates
the frustrations of using passwords and for the business it increases security. 65% agree that the biggest benefit of passwordless authentication for employees
is quicker authentication, whereas 69% agree the benefit for IT is increased security.  

Businesses Also See Potential Challenges with Passwordless Authentication  

However, with potential benefits comes potential challenges. The top challenges of deploying a passwordless authentication model include the initial financial
investment (43%), regulations on the storage of data (41%), and the time it would take to deploy such an authentication model (40%). Do the challenges
outweigh the benefits, and is passwordless authentication a realistic solution to address the password problem? 

Since I’m not fully understanding what is involved in deploying passwordless authentication, and I read these numbers, what would be the answer of deploying such a strategy across an organization?

I currently share the necessary passwords to specific mailing lists with their URL through private dropbox. Because the people I work with may not understand a password manager or even whether it is accessible, I think this is the best solution for me. I think the passwords are only shared with a couple of users. If i had more, I might adopt the password manager effect because there would be more to manage.

The meat of the matter?

completely. Are passwords and passwordless authentication mutually exclusive, or does there need to be a combination of password management and passwordless authentication to address the password problem? 

This is only going to get interesting.

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