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What has been read, blogged, and talked about: News ending November 7, 2020 from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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What has been read, blogged, and talked about: News ending November 7, 2020

Hello folks, welcome to another blog post talking about what has been read, blogged, and talked about within the last week and few days. Yes, its better late than never, but sometimes other projects and things get in the way.

According to this week in security news ending November 6, 2020, there has been a lot including a Ransomware gang aquiring malware. It also has an article about the Google Drive Scam that I also posted to the blog.

An article asks the question about cybersecurity for small businesses and what protection may be out there. There are a lot of cybersecurity people out there and new ones to boot. An article talks about education and encouraging those stars to come forward.

This is just some of whats out there in this blog post from last week: This Week in Security News: US Cyber Command Exposes New Russian Malware and REvil Ransomware Gang ‘Acquires’ KPOT Malware for you to peruse.

In the governmental side, the United States takes control of more domains when it comes to influencing campaigns. To learn more, read: US seizes more domains with ties to suspected Iranian influence campaign from Cyberscoop’s Joe Warminsky.

In the biggest seizure, the department of justice, part of the United States arm seizes a billion dollars of silk road’s crypto currency. This is the largest seizure ever made to my knowledge. As we know from talking about this on the tech podcast, the operator was arrested thanks to a mistake that leaked his IP. I’m not saying that TOR was the cause of the leak, we honestly don’t know, but you can check out this latest blog post about the 2nd silk road to see the latest, as well as looking at this silk road search page from the tech blog directly. There aren’t that many blog posts, but some link to article through podcast show notes. If you want those podcasts, please contact me, Jared, and I’ll get you copies. Let me know what number you want. For details on this latest, check out DOJ seizes $1 billion in cryptocurrency tied to Silk Road dark web market by Tim Starks on Cyberscoop.

At the time of writing, it has been decided, although as predicted by some, it isn’t going to be a smooth transition in regards to our election. This won’t be the end of the misinformation and disinformation that we see. Election-related misinformation is spilling into the real world. Just look at Arizona. should be read for all of the latest on this problem.

I normally don’t talk about spam I get in my email, but as I read this particular email coming from my contact form, the domain is still up. Its going to be almost a week old, and it isn’t what you think. Just saw the best email ever … in my inbox … domain is relatively new links to a copy of this email which has me go to a page on a domain called emailhostsecurity.com which is very questionable at best. At the time of writing, the domain may have been taken down, it looks to go nowhere, and a domain lookup yields nothing. The article when published, talked about when it was registered but yielded nothing else that was public at the time. Maybe the phone call I placed last week yielded results, however, I do not know for sure and am unable to prove anything. I do know that it isn’t an email security company and the page was definitely suspicious. The name caught my attention, but what was on it was something that you would really question if you’ve been around my blog for years.

In the sickening but true in the new internet age, I blogged about an Oklahoma man that was caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to do. Why bring it up here? If you care about security, here is NOT! what you want to use social media for. In my blog post Oklahoma School Employee Arrested On Multiple Child Porn Charges I link to an article from the same name. The gentleman, if you call him a gentleman, used social media to share what he apparently did with children. The worst part is that he worked for the Oklahoma school district. Oh boy. …

Think paying a ransome is a great idea? Thought about it as a solution? Maybe my article talking about a krebs on security article may change your mind. My blog post is entitled We’re sorry we fucked you over: why paying a ransome may not be the best thing to do and I quote the best part from that article in mine. It said:

“ “When you look at a lot of ransom notes, you can actually see groups address this very directly and have texts that say stuff along the lines of, Yeah,
you are fucked now. But if you pay us, everything can go back to before we fucked you.’” ”

This has got to be the best quote and line ever. It ended that article pretty much.

There is more on the blog that I didn’t cover, but this is a subset.

Here are others that might be of interest that I didn’t blog that goes back to the end of October.

Thanks so much for reading and checking out the blog! Remember, some of this may or may not be talked about in podcasts, and you definitely have your say. Unlike elections which may or may not be fair, I will give you an opportunity to contribute. Send your files to me through dropbox, wetransfer, my send space drop box, or any other service you’d like. It can be wave, mp3, m4a, or any other format you want. I don’t limit on time, and let me know whether you want the airing on the tech podcast or the security box. I thank you so much for listening, reading, and contributing anything on your mind! See you next time.

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