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This week in security news, news ending August 27, 2021 from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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This week in security news, news ending August 27, 2021

This is the link to the securithy news that ended last Friday, the 27th.

Looking at the headlines, there may be something you need to know, but I’ll let you peruse the headlines and then decide if something is of interest for you. Thanks Trend Micro.

  • Linux Threat Report H1′ 2021: Key Security Takeaways
  • Google Removes Fake Crypto-Mining Apps
  • Earth Baku Returns: Uncovering the Upgraded Toolset Behind the APT Group’s New Cyberespionage Campaign
  • Ransomware on a Rampage; a New Wake-Up Call

  • TippingPoint Threat Protection System Certified by NetSecOPEN
  • OnePercent Ransomware Group Hits Companies via IceID Banking Trojan
  • New Campaign Sees LokiBot Delivered Via Multiple Methods
  • Poly Network Recoups $610M Stolen from DeFi Platform
  • What the Norton-Avast Merger Means for Cybersecurity
  • White House Rolls Out Pipeline, Supply Chain Security Initiatives as Companies Pledge Billions in Cyber Spending

I read some, depending on the source. What did you find and was it of interest?

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This week in security news, news ending August 27, 2021 was released on August 30, 2021 at 4:54 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: August 30, 2021.

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  1. Comment by crashmaster date 1 September 2021 alle 13:50 (),

    To be honest, I would be concerned about avast and norton merging and so should all of us.
    Lets face it, norton like mcafee are a bloated shitpile of junk with really bad subscription and extra junk.
    99.9 times of 100 when I get access to a system, if its not a full reformat, I have had to spend the first thing I need to do is remove norton off of the system because its mangled just about everything or slowed it down.
    Its also changed just about everything from email accounts to websites to use its services.
    Its easier to just reformat and remove the norton virus or at least recreate things again.
    Norton has gotten a little accessible with a web interface but who would use it.
    I use ccleaner and I really hope that this doesn’t mean that we will get more bloat and malware and bloat on our systems.
    I don’t know about cyber security, but really its not the norton and avast merger its the symantech take over.
    When norton and symantech merged it quickly became a bloated pile of junk and this was back in 2003.
    I ended up reformatting all my computers to finally get rid of it.
    And even when I didn’t it modified just about everything to use its services so I had to redo everything.
    I think the merging of norton with avast may be good security, but not for us blind people.
    I don’t use a security suite because I am to open to legal corperate marketing attacks and handholding.
    At least with microsoft I can exclude everything that I need that it says is a problem.
    I think the only good thing so far found is the eset line of products.
    Now if avast merged with eset or norton merged with eset or the other way round maybe I’d be more happier.

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