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Facebook properties down, developing story


This morning, I saw a clubhouse room that indicated that facebook’s properties are down. Just like clockwork, I opened my app to see if any of my sources have this, and at 5 pastnoon, My Buddy Mr. Krebs has an article penned What Happened to Facebook, Instagram, & WhatsApp? which has some detail although it is still early.

Apparently, the outage started just after I got up this morning Pacific time, and I can confirm that the app is not responding to anything although I saw a notification today within the past few hours.

Facebook and its sister properties Instagram and WhatsApp are suffering from ongoing, global outages. We don’t yet know why this happened, but the how is clear: Earlier this morning, something inside Facebook caused the company to revoke key digital records that tell computers and other Internet-enabled devices how to find these destinations online.

In simpler terms, sometime this morning Facebook took away the map telling the world’s computers how to find its various online properties. As a result, when one types Facebook.com into a web browser, the browser has no idea where to find Facebook.com, and so returns an error page.

In addition to stranding billions of users, the Facebook outage also has stranded its employees from communicating with one another using their internal Facebook tools. That’s because Facebook’s email and tools are all managed in house and via the same domains that are now stranded.

It is a possibility that a hack took place, the article continues, but we really don’t know and I’m not going to say whether they have or haven’t.

While one of my contact points is What’s App, if ItsDown, its down. There’s nothing I can do about it. When it comes back, I’ll be happy.

My SMS is still up for the public at 804-442-6975 which is also my What’s App number as I changed it some time ago.

Before the paragraph about the developing story aspect that Krebs writes at the end, I found this paragraph of interest too:

In the meantime, several different domain registration companies listed the domain Facebook.com as up for sale. There’s no reason to believe this domain will actually be sold as a result, but it’s fun to consider how many billions of dollars it could fetch on the open market.

As I prepared this block post, Security Now’s Steve Gibson put out a tweet:

Steve Gibson, Facebook may have “deplatformed” itself, along with Instagram and WhatsApp. Hope no one depends upon “Login with Facebook!” Whoopsie! Somehow, the BGP entries for Facebook’s DNS resolvers have been withdrawn from the Internet’s routing tables. Insider? Attack? Who knows. Wow. 6 minutes ago, TweetDeck

As I prepared to get this blog post up: Steve Gibson said:

Steve Gibson, Someone on the Facebook recovery effort has explained that a routine BGP update went wrong, which in turn locked out those with remote access who could reverse the mistake. Those who do have physical access do not have authorization on the servers. Catch-22. a minute ago, TweetDeck

When I learn more, I’ll be posting to the TSB list as well as posting a blog post where I can.

Thanks for reading.

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Facebook properties down, developing story was released on October 4, 2021 at 1:02 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: October 4, 2021.

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