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NCSAM day 1: Are you Cyber Smart?

The perfect article to start us off comes to us from Lastpass. Its titled Are You Cyber Smart? A Checklist

Its got 5 different headings that are tips. They are:

  1. Use strong passwords
  2. Take advantage of MFA
  3. Back up your data
  4. Keep all of your gadgets and apps up to date
  5. Be security-aware

Each of these items has at least one paragraph, maybe more, depending on the information they’re trying to convey.

For strong passwords, there may still be people who like the idea of having things easy to remember. Changing passwords when the need arrises may be good, but with breaches on the rise, I personally am going to try my best to make it harder for the actor. I know of at least one who would disagree with me, especially after using a manager he found to be known as a TNO provider, or Trust Noone. There are lots of password managers out thre, so picking the best one for what you need is what you need to do. There are lots out there to choose from, Lastpass isn’t the only one.

MFA stands for multi-factor authentication. It used to be only be available to businesses, but now its available to anyone. With SMS or even an authenticator app, this provides you a level of protection as you have control of the device. While experts indicate that you should use an app instead, SMS is better than nothing, so its better to use something.

Backing up is very crucial. This section has saved me as drives have failed, and I have lots of data. They say you should change passwords often for your backup provider, but I think I changed it once and made sure it is strong in the password department. This section should be read for more ideas.

Gadgets and apps should be up to date. Its high time I get my fanny to update to IOS 15.x and hope I don’t have the IOS accessibility bugs that are discussed. However, I mainly use my computer and I do keep that up to date. I have automatic updates on my phone, but IOS doesn’t seem to do automatic updates the same way it seems.

Also in this section, they talk about updating your IOT devices with the latest updates, but good luck with that.

Finally, be security aware. Are you aware of breaches that might affect you? The biggest one talked about within the circles is the Neiman Marcus breach. This may not be affecting most people, but its the 4th in several years. This one affects potentially 4.6 million customers, if not more.

The typical may have been accessed, including usernames and passwords. This should not be surprising as breaches go. Security questions and their associated answers may have been compromised too. That’s not common, but has been in a number of breaches.

There’s more to this breach, so make sure you read the article linked in case you’ve been affected.

One paragraph under the security aware section might be of interest to readers. It says:

If you get a strange or alarming email message, closely analyze the sender’s email address and any links that may be in the message to make sure they look correct. If you’re not sure the message is legitimate, look up the company’s contact information separately – don’t trust any phone numbers or email addresses that appear in the message itself – and ask them if they in fact sent that message to you. Likewise, if you receive a text message or a direct message (DM) on social media that seems slightly off, don’t click on any of the links or reply to it. Confirm that the message actually came from a trusted source before taking any action.

This goes for SMS too. I’ve been getting very interesting texts about items not delivered which was interesting as one of them said its been tried 4 times and failed. When I look at these URL’s they indicate that a $2 processing fee is needed, and they ask for my address and contact details. The URL is not even to a shipping company to boot, if you do click, check that link.

Is there anything else you’ve spotted that you want to discuss? Let’s discuss it!

Updated at 11:35 am PT to fix a link.

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