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Is it time for you to watch for packages? Beware of things to watch for from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Is it time for you to watch for packages? Beware of things to watch for

Hello folks,

I talked about this for a future program of Throwback Saturday Night which will air this Saturday on Server 2 on the mix. While I made it not article related, I said I’d be posting this to the blog and I amdoing that.

There are lots of ways to get notified of packages without relying on the dreaded text messages telling us to click on links. Doing so, could get you in to a lot of trouble.

As you’ll soon find out when we play the threat trends and intelligence report which I attended yesterday, I happened to ask about the recent barrage of texts about potential packages and the fact they have potentially been delivered or not, and the particulars of messages that say you’re due a prize for paying your bill.

If you’ve not been to the quarterly trends reports, Here’s the one from Yesterday. We’ll be talking about it, and even Michael in Indiana talked to me about it last night as I uploaded a copy to Live Wire for their perusal.

What does this have to do with packages? Plenty. The number one threat that is still talked about is Phishing, whether it is Email based, voice based, text messaging, social media or even an unpopular method with QR codes.

I’ve seen these codes in setting up two-factor authentication with apps, but I am unfamiliar how they really work as it can include URL’s that phishers have used in certain circumstances. While it isn’t common here int the states, it has been used.

They could in fact, get you to view a QR code instead of clicking on a link as we’ve seen through SMS and email in the future and that’s where our topic that is going to highlight this blog post comes in.

The major carriers like UPS and Fedex use short codes instead of phone numbers for SMS communication. When you are signing up to get notification through their web sites, you give them your phone number, and you have to confirm receipt and can even ask for all deliveries to come to you. I did that through USPS where all updates are received when I submit to them a tracker.

The article ‘Tis the Season for the Wayward Package Phish written by Krebs on Security talks about the various problems like Phishing emails perporting to be coming from fedex. According to the article, this can be bad, as it can ask you for another delivery time.

The ones I’ve seen indicate that I’ve had packages attempted 4 times. They want a $2 processing fee, and then they ask me for name, address and the like on a completely separate domain from the one I start with. BTW, both domains I’ve seen aren’t your major carriers either. Please read this article all the way through, because it is important you do so. If you want your packages saved, you should read the article anyway.

Have yourself a great day! Stay safe!

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Is it time for you to watch for packages? Beware of things to watch for was released on November 10, 2021 at 11:00 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: November 10, 2021.

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  1. Comment by crashmaster date 10 November 2021 alle 13:57 (),

    Which is why on all my postal previders I get packages from I have an account.
    I then use that account’s features to send me my tracking numbers and notifications by email.
    So yeah I also keep a record which I check from time to time.
    So yeah I guess I am clicking on some links but I make sure to set them up.
    Its also important to setup up things like dropoff without signing and such which I also like to get especially if I am not about but know something else is coming.
    I have also used redirect for things to and its easy when you have accounts.
    If you don’t want an account with everyone, then at least your main postal previder and main curior companies you know you use or get stuff from.
    Its free to do so and secure and you may as well use it.

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