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What has been posted on EMHS, updated January 10, 2023 from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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What has been posted on EMHS, updated January 10, 2023

Hello folks,

Its time we get the blog post ready for publication which will cover what is knew on EMHS. I’ll have all the updates for you, and I hope you enjoy what you find and may learn and take advantage of.

Blog posts

We have a few blog posts for you this time, and some we even updated before the cutoff of January 10th at 1500 hours pacific time.

In some spots last month I didn’t put the publication, so I’ve also fixed that in this update.

Companies and services

I’ve added one new service to the list after doing some consoling about it.

Companies and services of interest
Company or service name Description of company or service
Expand Shortened URL’s This service allows you to expand shortened links from all kinds of services like goo.gl, is.gd, bit.ly and others. It will show you where the final destination of a link goes to. It will not tell you whether it is safe, although it does have Google Safe Browsing alerts available to you. Use this in conjunction with Virus Total to determine if a link is safe. If you trust where the URL is pointing to alone, great! If you still have questions, use Virus Total’s URL checker. We’ve seen expand url say that it is safe according to google safe browsing, but 2 products from Virus Total may say it is malicious or spam. A link to Virus Total is in this list and is highly recommended.


We have no new terms for people today. But, please feel free to check out the entire list and send me terms that you think might need defining. We may add one after this week’s update, but I still need to look up the topic and get it in to notation form before I decide to list it.


Remember, we’re on several networks and they air at different times. the TSB page lists the times of all networks and provides links. All podcasts are on our TSB page.

Other things

Our web site is located here and is called email host security. The goal of the project is educational and allows people to submit things and ask questions. Find contact information through the podcast, and thanks so much for reading, listening and participating!

The site is copywritten 2022/2023 by the Jared Rimer Network. The site is not for sale and we are not interested in solisitation calls for development services.

By following the links, you’re going there at your own risk. We’ve verified that the link is safe, the service is something we’ve used or know of, but that’s it.

Please send the JRN any questions, comments and concerns.

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What has been posted on EMHS, updated January 10, 2023 was released on January 11, 2023 at 11:15 am by tech in article commentary,security news and commentary.
Last modified: January 10, 2023.

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