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emails and keypass

please if you can try to send a valid email when you comment to posts.
I do try to reply to all comments but without mail I will have to
make a general reply.
However from what I have recieved replys from it seems what you guys
want from me are text based tutorials.
or at least tutorials.
To that end I put up the following tech update.
I was going to podcast this but as usual I have been snowed under again.
After looking at lastpass which is ok I guess keepass and passkeeper
I have chosen keepass.
Keepass is a open source password manager at keepass.info.
Its for the most part accessable.
it takes a bit to get used to the configs, hitting new will make a
new database, you have options to edit save and other things.
You have groups and such to move things to.
up and down arrow to different groups, tab to a groop.
Right click menus could be a bit more accessable but thats ok I guess.
For those that use it what plugins if any would you recomend.
I will relook and retest maybe tomorrow or may be not.
probably not as I don’t need much more than what is built in.
later all

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Last modified: July 8, 2013.

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