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security, and product reviews

welcome to another rambling post.
before I start I appologise but I forgot to post the last post I
posted ages ago so you may have to read that before yesterday’s post
because I only emptied the cue yesterday.
A few things today.
1. dvdvideosoft free studio package.
I have been using this for ages to convert youtubes and other things,
the converters and uploaders work there are a few other things that
are not accessable but most of those you don’t need anyway.
The dvdvideosoft stuff is extremely robust and light wait.
The software is fast and secure and contains no spyware or anything
though please subscribe to their program if you think you can afford
it so they can keep making a good program.
The latest program installers are web based, and this allows
installing everything you want and nothing more though the standalone
installers are only 60 mb.
I have not seen standalone installers though, for the latest updates.
This should not be an issue unless you happen to have 200kbps
broadband or dialup.
The main reason I did not include or recomend the software was mainly
because of the effort to configure it for the end user.
it came with a toolbar, and several other spyware apps.
later on they tried using conduit a known spyware and several other things.
Then they tried using the open candy program, and still do with the
ability to install uniblue software to your system.
I complained and they did change, at once point it got so
inaccessable I had to pull out my modem to install.
This was resolved next version and I can happily recomend it to you
the user because no extra junk is installed or offer files.
2. files not deleting because of security.
Today I downloaded a update to winamp and did a delete on the exe
file after I was done.
it refused to delete saying the program was in use
How to fix.
1. wait 2 mins and restart.
2. try to delete again.
If this does not work.
go to the program and open the properties dialog.
there is a status box if its been downloaded or if its secured, hit unblock.
you may need to alt tab out and in as buttons all go away and then
you can hit ok.
Next use your av software to scan the file its probably what is going on.
msse was scanning the file in the background with its shield scan but
obviously got stuck.
once the scan is done you can safely kill the file and it will go away.
later all

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Last modified: July 24, 2013.

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