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this week in tech

welcome to the twit.
Thats what I think I wlll call the posts I do or at least for this week.
I would usually post this on my personal but no one comments on it anyway.
This week, I got the next part to my tv.
If you have been reading my smeveriss.wordpress.com site you will
know that due to the digital switchover, I sorted out a 24 inch sony
tv with bracket for 450 bucks and got it screwed to the wall.
Due to wiring and other signal things, I didn’t get it fully
installed as many things need to be routed and this included the
buying of a high gain antenna.
The antenna has arrived, and is ready to install.
Thats where its at.
later on this year I will get the old analog unit removed and start
using digital.
on a sad note my new philips unit decided not to charge, though I
did also upgrade it.
so its been taken to get replaced, though who knows where philips
actually exists, could take a while.
I have spent the week mostly testing games, the series of games is
called deathmatch.
The basic plot of this is the mutant human /experiment gone
wrong/infection / zombie type of deal.
I have been assisting with the sfx and its interesting to say the least.
going through ships fixing things and other such things.
The game is switching to a new engine and interface which itself is
interesting to say the least, I also am on the testing team for that
as well as a few other things and its interesting to get in from the
design point of view and just give stuff when I can.
Thanks for your comments.
I will try to write more detailed tech posts about what I am doing in
tech with my life, and other things.
note, that my wordpress at smeveriss.wordpress.com will probably
where the everyday stuff will go, stuff that is not really for this
thing though to be honest, since few things get posted these days
maybe I can slightly bend things though its a challenge to attempt to
write detailed posts as detailed as my scripting one.
Since that post I have not bothered with the linux vm much, but thats
not that I won’t come back.
later all.

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