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Updating windows is like taking a dump

Yip its patch tuesday or should it be crap tuesday.
Firstly you may have noticed the dodgy update released by adobe last week.
Aparently they were hacked no real dammage though.
Today adobe updated all their programs, acrobat, and flash.
There has also been an issue with youtube not playing sound on videos because the volume has gone down to 0.
I was all for blaming google but today adobe released updates to flash and now it all seems to work.
Speaking of updates ms released at least 30 updates for several things.
The same things as it seems to be these days remote execution for specially crafted fonts or documents.
There was so much of it.
Silverlite, dotnet and a few other things.
after you update on xp you will have to get another old dotnet package installed go figure ms have already broken something important again.
msse has also been updated.
Not sure what to believe about the article on howtogeek saying it was not protecting as well or that it would be abandoned, it seems all the industry is shouting norton though it clogs systems.
And since ms has updated their engines today, thats a clear indication that its not going away.
What should be a big concern to users is that ms is yet again trying to restrict certifficates again to get away from hackers.
I am all for increasing incription but to be honest I am tired of ms messing with the checksums.
There is a period where software will not work because its not the right length.
Thank god for those not on server software and for those of us not on anyting below vista that it won’t effect us though it may who knows.
To be honest I’d just scrap the signature program.
Its all fine and good but bar ms itself and maybe big companies like oricle and adobe I have not seen anyone actually using it so it must be really costly to get one.
And what was up with windows update anyway.
This morning it took hours to even check on all my systems then they did not cooperate fully and then weird things went round.
Eventually I got them installed but I still wander.
More testing today, almost on top of everything.
All I need to do is test my recordings I did.
If I get through this and the load of washing I need to do and some other stuff then maybe, just maybe I can do something that does not require a computer.
Aah or alter?
Though to be honest I have run out of things to do there, unless I need to explore more.
I’ll get back to the vertual world soon.

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Updating windows is like taking a dump was released on October 9, 2013 at 1:29 am by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: October 9, 2013.

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