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I’ve been playing with a Window-Eyes app called polyglot from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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I’ve been playing with a Window-Eyes app called polyglot

Hey folks,
Some interesting Window-Eyes apps (also know as scripts) have been developed since Window-Eyes has supported various scripting languages. I’ve been always looking for an app or script that would back translate for me at times that I needed it. I’ve used K1000 which used Google Translate. This application uses Microsoft Translate, and while I’m not a fully speaking Spanish person, what I seem to get back is quite interesting, and seems to be about the same. Someone was telling me about NVDA’s translation tool, but I don’t use NVDA, and don’t know if I can get a copy of the tool as a stand alone tool as I hear Google Translate is much better.

I was having some issues with polyglot, and reached out to the developer. It turns out, although its nobodys fault in particular, that both Google Translate and Microsoft Translate treat the Magnatune music the same. Some of Magnatune’s music is in other languages, but they use English spellings to accomplish spelling. That seems to have some issues with translations, but I’m not blaming Magnatune, as I do like the idea. I’ve played around with this app, and it seems pretty good like I say. If there is a person who uses Window-Eyes that needs a back translation, this thing does seem to do the job. Took one piece of Spam and was able to back translate it in to English just to see what it was about.

Just for fun, I’ll take this paragraph and run it through the translater to see if anyone who speaks Spanish can tell me whether the translation is accurate, or how close it is. I’m just curious mainly, nothing more. Don’t worry, this blog will always be in English, I just thought this would be cool to share.

Sólo por diversión, tomaré este párrafo y correr es a través del traductor para ver si alguien que habla a español puede decirme si la traducción es exacta, o cómo cerrarla. Sólo por curiosidad, nada más. No te preocupes, este blog será siempre en inglés, pensé que esto sería genial para compartir.

How is the translation within the ruler tags? Is it good, bad, etc.? Leave your comments on the blog or contact me at tech at menvi.org. Interested in thoughts.

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I’ve been playing with a Window-Eyes app called polyglot was released on December 27, 2013 at 3:12 pm by tech in accessibility newsand issues.
Last modified: December 27, 2013.

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