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comments on this week

hi all.
firstly, yeah its good the i spy stuff is over.
However I can’t help wandering what will happen when its reversed.
The big companies are working together to get rid of bad guys, but its also known the companies are working to spy on the users for copywrite stuff to get our data, use it and sell it.
On the post on relationships I firmly believe that all the stuff like this should be kept offline.
The net is not a private place as we all know.
I don’t post even names of my family online for the most part.
and I don’t put all my anger online either.
It can bite you in the ass.
Even email can be used in court, and that would mean your twitter, facebooks, blogs etc.
So posting anything online could get you into deep trouble.
Even if you forgot what it was.
on another note winamp is finally moving over and maybe we will get more stuff for this who knows

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