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Window-Eyes 9 is now available!

Experience What the New Window-Eyes 9 Has to Offer!

Window-Eyes 9 is now available and offers a variety of awesome features including many ways to make your life easier such as the all-new web support. Read on to learn how Window-Eyes 9 will enhance your web browsing experience, enable better communication with colleagues, friends, and family; and make you a more productive professional, student, or home user.

The amazing new features, include:

Greatly improved web support in Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox

• Support for ARIA and HTML 5 providing access to the latest web accessibility technologies

• Support for dynamic web pages for first-class access to websites

• Intelligent web support that uses smart algorithms to ensure accurate screen reading

• New innovative and robust web table support that is the best in the industry

Enhanced ease of use and convenience features

• Easy to use tool for enhanced text selection, copying, and formatting retention in IE

• Read websites in IE using the keyboard to control the mouse

• Access and read columns accurately in IE when using the mouse

• Interact with sighted friends, family, and co-workers while browsing the web because what you see is what you read

• Improved responsiveness, making you more efficient and productive

• Auto-recovery tool allows for greater independence – if another program causes Window-Eyes to stop responding, users may restart Window-Eyes by pressing a hot key

New compatibility support for popular software programs

• Better support for Microsoft Office Web Apps for enhanced productivity

• Window-Eyes now offers QuickBooks for Windows support (thanks to the partnership between My Blind Spot and Ai Squared)

• Outlook meeting request enhancements to improve efficiency in the workplace

• Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Charts support to help share documents with teachers, students, colleagues, and anyone using these Google services

• MathPlayer support enabling the first and best possible access to math in Microsoft Word

Even better out-of-the-box experience

• Improved support for MSAA, which creates a better out-of-the-box experience in programs like Windows Media Player

• Improved support for the native Outlook calendar

• Preliminary support for Windows 10

SMAs are back

Our Software Maintenance Agreements (SMA) are back. If you are using the latest version of Window-Eyes, order an SMA and get the next 2 upgrades of Window-Eyes for a special price.. If you already have an SMA, your Window-Eyes 9 disc should be arriving very soon.

Download your upgrade

If you have purchased a Window-Eyes 9 upgrade, you can download it at www.gwmicro.com/upgrade or activate the Check for Updates option in the Help menu.

Try Window-Eyes

Anyone using the English version of the retail version or the Window-Eyes Offer for Users of Microsoft Office can download and use Window-Eyes 9. For anyone who has a valid license of Microsoft Office 2010 or higher, Window-Eyes can be downloaded for free at www.windoweyesforoffice.com. If you haven’t tried Window-Eyes in a while, give Window-Eyes 9 a try for free today!

Order your upgrade or SMA today!

Call us today at (802) 362-3612 or email us at to place your order.

Non-English versions are released after the English one, so check with your local dealer for availability in your language. For those outside of the U.S., contact your local dealer.

The Ai Squared Team

Aaron Smith

Web Development * App Development * Product Support Specialist

Ai Squared * 725 Airport North Office Park, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

260-489-3671 * www.aisquared.com

To insure that you receive proper support, please include all past correspondence (where applicable), and any relevant information pertinent to your situation when submitting a problem report to the Ai Squared Technical Support Team.

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