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Amazon Kindle app is being tested

Hi folks,
On podcast 219, I decided to do a test run of an app called Kindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers … and while I’m impressed with its ability to allow me to read from that and the Kindle for PC app I do find something that I do talk about and want to find out if others have tried this to see if we’re the only ones here at my location experiencing this or not. As a side note, if you are blind, just install Kindle for PC with Accessibility Plugin and it’ll give you the same app but with accessibility built in. With this app, it works with NVDA, JFW, and SAPI.

Here is what we’ve done, using the IOS app.

  • Look for a book using the built in bookshelf whether you search for the book, or pick one from the list that comes up.
  • If the book sounds interesting, download the sample so you can see if you can find the book worth buying.
  • If you’ve done this, you’ll get a screen telling you that you can add the book to your wish list.

There is no way to buy the book unless you have the unlimited subscription, and the book falls in that category. I’ve reported this to Amazon when I called them on the 22nd to have them help me with something else. If you have the same trouble, feel free to call them or send them a note so that more people are giving them feedback so this can be fixed. The representative says this should not be the case, but two of us here at home can reproduce this, and the only way to buy it and have it delivered is through the PC.

I think if you don’t have a PC, you’re screwed, and this is why I braught it up. Not everyone is going to have help, or want a PC to begin with. While I told them I was in a shared account for the two books i recently read, I wanted to move over to my account as I am not going to read that much I’ve got other sources as well between ibooks, BARD, and Kindle just gives me another avenue if I can’t find the book elsewhere. I should be able to buy via the app if I’m there. Let me know your thoughts and report it to Amazon so this can get fixed if this is a bug.

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Amazon Kindle app is being tested was released on August 23, 2015 at 10:08 am by tech in accessibility newsand issues.
Last modified: August 23, 2015.

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