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NV Access currently down

As of 8 PM, NV Access is back up and running. I got an E-mail saying it was up, and it seems to be working just fine now. Thought I’d update this to let you know.

Original post:

After the release of podcast 221, I was sent an E-mail telling me that NV Access, the folks that develope the NVDA screen reader, is offline. I searched for the NV Access site, and went to its domain to see if a message was up, or if it was non-responsive. As of 2:20 PT, it is down, and Check Site a site that can check a domain to see what they get, also reports it down. I like this service because it can continue to check a site, and send an E-mail, SMS, or tweet to your username, once the site comes back online. I did this when BARD and the zone were having issues. As of 2:20 PT in the afternoon, the zone is back online and functioning, but BARD still has a message up. I think they’ll get it up soon. This goes to prove what I’ve said before. Not all sites are going to be up all the time, and we’ve got to relax. If anyone has reported the site as not working to NV Access, great. I didn’t see any tweets about the issue through their official twitter account I found also through Google. You are welcome to post updates if you wish, but i thought I’d post this in case others didn’t know. Thanks for stopping by!

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NV Access currently down was released on September 6, 2015 at 2:24 pm by tech in accessibility newsand issues.
Last modified: September 6, 2015.

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  1. Comment by BlindHedgehog date 6 September 2015 alle 15:54 (),

    RT @jrimer2008: NV Access currently down: After the release of podcast 221, I was sent an E-mail telling me tha… http://t.co/ZeYkQAJBxz

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