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and we want to trust that?

It must be the christmas silly season but once again I want to comment on a post with another post.
Though that could be because I am part admin here and its easier to post.
So the lie detection issue.
I don’t know if I would trust weather I am telling the truth to a computer.
Computers are good at many things including following programmed info.
They also are good at miss reading info if something fails and getting it completely wrong.
Oh and they can be hacked.
I have on many occasions had things fail or not show right and the system still thinks they work when in fact they don’t.
Ie you are guilty because the system says you are except right at that moment its frozen because its hard drive or some sensor has failed and in fact says something else.
There are some things a human needs to do.
Machines may be smarter than humans but they are not full proof, in fact when something fails it may try to get round it and produce what the program says, programs can fail to.
I don’t know about this one and I am a tech.
Secondly I was looking at the top posts on here to see what was top.
So my old hack router post is still popular eh?
Actually I got last year a dlink dsl 2700b sadly after I updated that I couldn’t put much more on that.
I also got a sisco re1000 but due to hardware version I could only update with a v1 firmware.
I also have had a tp link chinese v3 router with v3 firmware.
Updating firmware is quite easy and same procedure.
Its worth mentioning that the addresses seem only older dlink spaciffic.
the standard is now and everything from routers to wireless devices uses it now no matter who makes them.
even my old ups devices use them.
so maybe it was for a limited number of older dlink devices only.
The only firmware I upgrade now is my keyboard and my printer.
With the board, you download the firmware, run it, hit factory, hit load and it loads, then you restart, hit update when you rerun the updater and then restart again.
The printer I have an hp laserjet, has the same procedure as my asus keyboard.
Select the printer, hit update, wait, hit ok and it is done.
if you want to check it you can open to your printer’s web page and you will actually see the state change from ready to programming, initialising, updating, rebooting then ready again which is nice.
A lot of things is click and run no interaction now.
Some drivers like my hp need some work to install though but even then well.
anyway back to work

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Last modified: December 14, 2015.

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