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crashletter issue 4 or is it 3?

I really have forgotten what number of this I am on because the last one had so many additions to it due to news.
Then there was the little ransomware article I put out yesterday and I know I should have said more but I left it to late and forgot a lot of it.
As I sit and sit, waiting for windows update to complete checking updates I start to wander what this week will bring.
Ms has 2 update days, wednesday, for normals and friday for out of banned.
Or at least friday has been that way since last month.
Here are the updates.
Now is it me or is microsoft classifying just about every update as remote code execution, surely there can not be that many.
Dotnet, xml core, windows graphic fonts, ole, all the collective windows web brousers as well as flash and office have updates.
1 security feature bypass, if someone logs into a guest account.
Which shouldn’t be a problem if you have your guests off and watch for people though you would have to be prity low to invade your workmades unless you are an unhappy sod.
1. elevation issue through ole which is for once what I would term an actual security crash.
Another is a man in the middle through the https driver again another attack that is probably needing attention.
The rest of them are the same, to stop people that click unknown files or links.
Saying that I am starting to wander about microsoft’s catogrisation of this stuff as the update descriptions and catigrys are and have been the same for the last 2 years.
Surely there are not to many dumbasses out there, I guess there may be but even so, ms could be becoming lazy I think.
This weeks articles of note include.
1. from @freakyfwoof on twitter
facebook is developing images for the blind to make them fully accessible through ocr.
Microsoft and facebook is allowing dropbox in its various things which is a win for us cloud users not wanting to use ms own services.
On that note I am seriously thinking all home users should boycot onedrive after they decided to cut down from 15gb to 5 gb free storage.
That means the only guys doing this are google and if they cut back well I don’t know.
Dropbox while its starter cap is low, does not as yet bull shit round its user base even though a lot on their forums are not happy with their client, some bugs not addressed and the latest versions consistantly not having release notes, the last was the 1.6x series.
From local radionz.co.nz/news we have, that aparently 108 counts of cybercrime are happening in new zealand and rising which itself is not that good.
A lot of this week has been focusing in the tax haven debarkle.
And while I won’t touch on this to much since this is primarly a tech article we seem a bit light on news for today.
My honest to god opinion is that we will always have corrupters trying to go by the law we are greedy bastards us humans and thats the way it will be.
I’d actually be more concerned that the information was potentially hacked and while the whistleblower whoever he is may have just sprung a leak and actually done something to shake up the wold for a bit those involved will decide what they will do.
The corrupters will either get found out or get out as they have done for ages.
Those in the middle will be wandering and scratching their heads.
And the rest of us will be bolstering their security and wandering why the heck we didn’t know sooner.
However I caution this.
Suppose the information released was say the codes to all us military nukes or top secret information.
Now I am not bashing this hacker because they have served the world, but just remember people there is a fine line between a good shakeup and a terrorist attack.
I will continue this conversation on my personal blog as its going to get quite heavy and its not for here.
smeveriss.wordpress.com is that blog.
read on over there for the lowdown

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Last modified: April 12, 2016.

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