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well here goes a protocol rest in peace quicktime

Hi all.
Subject says it all.
I recieved a us cert update about 2 security floors for quicktime for windows.
Sadly apple has decided to kill quicktime for windows.
The web player plugins with the rise of html5 seem to not bee needed.
Luckily there are things like vlc and codecguide’s klite mega which will handle quicktime filters.
Sadly for those that make quicktime in windows quicktime is now unsafe.
Worse is the fact that until the security news came out, no one knew apple was killing quicktime which is a bit rough.
If you have quicktime installed you must uninstall it from add remove programs.
In addition you need to run apple software update, select quicktime, hit alt f for file and look for an option in the menu tree to ignore updates for it.
Sadly it means every time you check for quicktime you will be asked to unhide hidden updates.
If you need it quicktime can still be used but it is no longer supported.
If you the reader have read this blog and my personal blog and especially if you were lucky enough to read my now deleted compguru livejournal blog now dead, you will know I am and have been and will be to this day a retro geek.
Having grown up with dos then a straight jump to win95 98 xp then 7 I have watched things rise and fall.
Quicktime was one of the first streaming protocols and while it is now a bit depricated I am sorry to see it go.
Quicktimes predates itunes, ios, android, macos 10 may be as old as 7.
And even itunes and the cloud.
The first time I saw it was in windows 95 and it may have been on 3.11.
This has to be one of the protocols of real significance.
So rip quicktime, you will be missed.
Your codecs won’t be but the program and players that came with you will be.
The other codecs are things like the mvpw codecs in windows 3.1 and the h265 codecs that origionally came with quicktime.
Happily we have things like vlc by videolan and the codecguide codec pack the k lite mega and others.
And while I don’t usually plug any tech in my posts I can not recomend or rate highly enough both vlc for its internal plugins and non needed codecs for playback and the klite codec pack.
The codecs can run just about anything in any player even quicktime.
The pack came from humble beginnings, k stands for kazaa.
kazaa was a file sharing program pear to pear that existed before the cloud when the net was king and when the laws for such things did not exist.
Sadly before pear to pear bit torrents got it these clients like napster and others were sued.
Things like kazaa had spyware and other things.
As a limited stripped down version of the program was desired without addons someone made the lite version of kazaa.
The codec pack was for all versions and could play just about every file it came with.
It is every opensource and comercial codec, hacked or otherwise.
True it has some spyware offers to get out of, but its worth it.
Kazaa is dead now but the codec pack still exists.
Its what I use at defaults on all computers and if someone can’t play a file I recomend this immediately.
While it primarly is for audio, and video decoding, it supports some streaming codecs, mobile codecs, and mp3/ogg/ windows media/flac encode.
It also has tweaking and extra tools.
Having this and vlc as its companion is a good set of things.
The pack has been round at least since 2004 and has gotten bigger and bigger.

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well here goes a protocol rest in peace quicktime was released on April 15, 2016 at 1:57 am by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: April 15, 2016.

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