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the crashletter issue6, fake product reviews and update lists from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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the crashletter issue6, fake product reviews and update lists

Hi all.
Welcome to another addition of the crashletter.
This week I bring a couple things to your attention.
The first article comes from bgr.com and is featured on @freakyfwoof on twitter as origional source.
It seems that a lot of reviews on sites like amazon are fake and that product companies pay for good reviews.
Sites like fakespot.com can give you an good indication what is lagit or not with a scal from a to f.
2. As of today microsoft released 2 optionals but no description links that work so I can’t give you any info.
The system description say they fix windows which is quite criptic.
What I can tell you is that klite mega codec 12.10 came out yesterday and java update 8.91 and 8.92 if you want to delve a bit are out.
I always delve the dev site and get the latest if there is above the recomended update if one exists.
If you want to delve.
1. instead of going to java.com, or the configure option and then update, go to www.oracle.com
click downloads, then java resources.
click java se
then download java runtime jre.
it may have one update in its list for updates but you are looking for the radio buttons of the licence hit r.
look above those and you will see the update you want or that the licence is for.
hit r till nvda says no more radio buttons or something, and this means you are on the bottem of the lists of every update.
hit space on the first button as its yes.
You get a thankyou message.
hit t for table then hit k till you get the windows 586 executable not iftwa as this is the one with toolbars and such in it but the one with 586 on it and hit enter.
save this, then hit the same for the 64 bit exe file.
Weather you install from control panel or updater, or the exe files you just downloaded is the same.
You load the file and wait for it to come up and it may take a bit of time doing.
hit alt i.
Eventually you may get a finnish or close hit alt f or c.
From time to time you will get an uninstall dialog for old versions, hit alt u, alt n, then alt n again.
Finally hit alt c when prompted or alt f.
In some cases you will get a varification page which you can close.
Skype also had an update of sorts.
From the skype blog angry birds characters are added into the expression list for those that want to use them.
And from playstation, its been reported that you can play your games on pc, and tablet and aparently its all online and the remote for your ps4 is on your device and its quite good though I haven’t got a device to fiddle with.
Finally coolblindtech brings up an article about private connections with private internet access.
A demo at coolblindtech.com shows how to use this cross platform vpn with ios.
For those on nvda quarterly updates of nvda are out for addons.
And in wordpress, 2 tests are active in the test team for 4.51 so stay frosty for that.

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the crashletter issue6, fake product reviews and update lists was released on April 19, 2016 at 2:36 pm by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: April 19, 2016.

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