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windows 10 and its updates

Hi all.
Today as well as the klite codec pack version 12.42 update, I recieved a win10 upgrade defs upgrade.
This looks to be in my opinion ms responce to windows 10 2016.7 update not working right putting it into the upgrade pool rightly with extra compatability tracking diagnostics.
However it got me thinking and searching.
I found several articles on a few uk newspapers.
The facts are clear, win10 while ms says its the best cake in the world, the rumors about its issues are now official.
Aparently a international consumer group is ordering ms to pay for dammages.
8 out of 10 people have had issues with their systems after 10, mostly hardware incompatability, speakers, webcams and the like.
There have been and continue to be syncing issues with their online account services, email syncs and data loss due to the upgrade and install of win10.
While I have not had any issue on the workstation I have used, I do know a couple friends had things crash out due to power cut and have had to resort to restoring their accounts fully from ms online.
The closest I had was when icloud decided to corrupt, taking down email completely.
I had to revoke all permition to pop access, delete all email profiles, fortunately the databases were still in tact, upgrade to imap which I was going to do anyway, then do a repair on icloud service and finally reinstate icloud service.
It worked but to someone that had no idea it would be a problem I had to spend several hours trying to get it up and it did come up.
Sadly for a lot of people they have lost all their files, and well had computer issues, some have had to et their computers fixed and or replaced.
And a lot of people had to role back.
A lot of businesses were effected to.
Fact is, for those of us on 7 it proves the point that windows 7 is and will always be more stable and functional than win10 will ever bee.
It proves that windows10 destroys data and is not reliable.
It also proves to meat least that the ms account is a load of fucking shit especially if you are a home user and not a business one with a lot of stuff.
On the other side I have no problem getting cloud services intergrated with my apps not ms ones.
For example google drive is intergrated with my office and ms products now.
Sadly ms I won’t be making a windows account any time soon on ms account.
I may if they allow me to do it make a google one because google makes android, and other services and its stable.

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windows 10 and its updates was released on October 4, 2016 at 11:46 am by crashmaster in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: October 4, 2016.

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