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Hi all.
I just found this resource someone gave me.
nomoreransom.org is a site to educate the users on ransomware and its prevention.
Its funded by kaspersky, intel, and a couple of international and europian police forces and seems quite good though I did the standard malware, spying, virus, spam, fishing and scam word searches to make sure nothing was a miss.
Its fully accessible and works fine enough.
Lets hope the mouse happy people stop clicking things they shouldn’t.
Sadly however the only bad thing that may be from this is that this site heavily advertises kaspersky tools and intel tools, its for small businesses mainly.
However there is a free prevention second opinion tool for small businesses that may be used by standard users.
There are also decription tools and a sherrif online tool that you can upload readmes of hackers into as well as samples of incripted files and active ransomware examples.
I am happy that this has come out.
It means I don’t have to spout about this every other week.
I will spout about the site as much as I can though.
General protections include keeping your security updated, keeping your software and drivers updated where possible.
It goes a step further than not clicking on emails you don’t know and says you shouldn’t trust anyone that sends you files not even if they say its ok.
Sadly it doesn’t mention sites like virustotal to handle their scanning.
In stead the page is plastered with adds to install and buy kaspersky products all of which we know are not accessible.
In fact it is mostly about how carspersky can help with a small blurb at the end about intel security.
You can even report new stuff with this thing so its worth even just reading.
There is a complete history of everything from 1986 to the present day and its well worth just a look if anything else.

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Last modified: October 5, 2016.

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