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updates to audiogame hub and other news

Hi all firstly the kickstarter is live

Secondly the next few things are out.
adobe software, flash and reader are having updates.
Microsoft software has updates, the same updates for the same software
all the time.
Out of these, the vertual hard disk, boot manager, authentication and
logon drivers are updated.
Everything else is the same.
Most of these need a present attacker
In addition for those that care, trump is the new president.
That means that for anyone that wants to buy tickets to world war 3 I
estimate you have a year to do that but if you want to buy tickets to
world war 3 before skynet or someone tries to sell them for you for an
outrageous price, like your soul or something then go and buy them now!

On a serious note, I really hope you guys know what you are doing,
effectively what you have done is install the latest security software
on your home network without reading the manual and following instructions.
Maybe it works and you get used to it, but maybe it crashes.
Good luck.

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Last modified: November 9, 2016.

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