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Ubber and accessibility

Hello folks,

I was reading a Thread on applevis in regards to the latest Ubber and accesibility and I had to check this out. I’ve only used ubber in cases where it is raining, and the bus wasn’t a safe option. I have noticed the changes where they have classified the rides in to 4 pages of options. People in the thread were saying that there were lags in speech, but in my initial looking, I booked a trip to work and it seemed to not have any lagging issues that I’ve noticed. It said it was going to be $14.41 in one case and $15.17 so it looks like the prices have gone up a little bit. Voice over seems to give hints and I don’t see any lag.

What irritates me about the thread, is the canned responses that seemed to be sent by Ubber and the fact they don’t have E-mail support anymore. From what I can tell, people were asking about a phone number, and i have not found any phone number except the 213 number I have seen when I got a call/text from them the last time I used it. According to the logs, I last used them on the 5th of July. I ran late that day, overslept, and needed a ride.

I’m truly sorry that Ubber has regressed in accessibility and that they now send canned responses to their customers. This can’t be good customer service, and I’m not happy to hear that.

The fact that one person indicated the drivers are not happy with the app should help them fix whatever is wrong, but since I’ve not opened the app in awhile, it is a little sluggish as it loads all my data in to the app.

You can change the pickup location, and its ETA is located on the screen and is accessible.

I personally don’t see anything that will prevent me from using it if I need it, but I only use it in emergencies where it is raining heavily and it is unsafe for me to travel or I’m running late. My goal is to be on time, but I’m happy I have it in case I need it.

Please feel free to share your experiences here or on the apple vis thread, and lets see if we can change the issues that we have heard about so Ubber can be viable for people who would like to use it.

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Ubber and accessibility was released on November 5, 2016 at 4:00 pm by tech in accessibility newsand issues.
Last modified: November 5, 2016.

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