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Wakerupper closing

Hi folks,

Some time ago, on a past podcast, I talked a bit about a service called wakerupper. I remember them because they had reminder system where it can be stopped after a certain time. My other ones don’t work that way for repeating events. I needed to use it because I needed to do something for a limited time, and wanted it to expire after a certain date. Sadly, two things happened:

  • I could not pick from any saved messages, even after installing flash:
  • In doing some looking at their site, somewhere, it said they were closing but would honor those who had credit to spend.

Read directly from their site from this link.

I did enjoy the service while i did use them. While I had a few issues, I stopped using them for a multitude of reasons, none of which was about the service itself. I had other multiple needs, and I’ll revisit the services I use now for various reasons.

There aren’t many services out there, and some are claiming to be free but end up paid after all.

I thought I’d pass this along, been meaning to write about this, but thought of it after my reminder expired.

questions? Do ask in the comments, or E-mail.

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Wakerupper closing was released on December 21, 2016 at 7:33 pm by tech in general-updates-and-announcements.
Last modified: December 21, 2016.

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