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NLS BARD releases Bard Express 2.0.32

I’m a little late for this, but I think that this is important to pass along. This comes directly from the BARD mailing list and from BARD themselves.

I hope the following is of interest to those who use this utility.

BARD Express Now Available

The National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled is pleased to announce the next version of BARD Express. Version brings many features
to NLS patrons, providing new ways to discover even more of the national collection of books and magazines.

Here is the list of the new features available in this release:

Public or Private:

By choosing the Public option during installation, the new version of BARD Express can be installed on computers that are available to the public. This
means the program will not retain user credentials any time the program is closed, or is left idol for 5 minutes.

Choose the Private option during installation to have BARD Express remember your username and password so you don’t have to.

Choosing Your Preferred Format:

Tell BARD Express your preferred format. Have BARD Express display audio, braille, or both formats, it’s up to you. Change it at any time by opening the
Preferences menu, or by using the keyboard command Control+E.


BARD Express can now search for, download, and copy braille books and magazines to an external storage device for your reading on the go.

Column Configuration:

There are 2 additional column types that can be found under Column Configuration: Format, and Date Added. Format lets you know if the book is braille or
audio. Date Added informs you when a title was added to BARD.

Back One View: Escape

You can now use the Escape key to return to a view you just came from. For example, perhaps you opened the book details page of a title that sounds interesting.
After reading the details, you decide that book is not for you. Press the Escape key to return to the list of Recently Added books and Magazines.

Manage Devices: Control+N

This is the new keyboard command assigned to open the view where you can manage external storage devices. In addition to the new keyboard command, this
dialog now provides a utility to eject the cartridge or thumb drive. The keyboard command to eject the drive is Alt+E while in the Manage Devices dialog.

Open the Download Status view: Control+T.

There is now a place to keep track of your downloads in progress. This is handy when you have multiple titles downloading at the same time.

Find: Control+F

This utility gives you even more control over finding which books and magazines you want. From within menus such as Recently Added Books and Magazines
for example, use the Find utility to sift through metadata to refine the type of material you want. After opening a view such as Recently Added Books and
Magazines, tab or shift-tab to locate the “Find” button and open it. As an alternative, use the keyboard command Control+F to open the Find dialog. This
feature works with any list of books such as your existing Bookshelf, Recently Added Books and Magazines, Most Popular Downloads, and after clicking a
specific subject under Browse By Subject. The various checkboxes in the Find dialog tells the program where to look for the text string you want to find.
The checkboxes include: Title, Author, Annotation, and Content Flags. They are checked by default, which means the program will sift through each of these
items to see if they contain your search criteria.

Reset Find utility to the default: Alt+E

This Reset button returns all options in the Find dialog to their defaults, and erases any text from the Search field.  Activating the Reset button will
result in the original book list repopulating. For example:

list of 6 items
1. Load the list of Most Popular Books.
2. Run the Find utility and type a search such as “Romance” without the quotes.
3. Choose the Okay button.
4. The resulting book list will likely be less than 50, assuming you have BARD Express to display 50 books at a time.
5. Open the Find utility again, and this time choose the Reset button.
6. The Find utility will close and focus will land in the original list of 50 books
list end

Filter utility: Alt+I

The Filter utility lets you choose to see only fiction, nonfiction, or music titles.

Bring up a list of books such as in Most Popular Downloads. Navigate this dialog and choose the “Filter” button. This dialog presents a few control types.

list of 4 items
• Use the “Item Type” combo box to choose either Books and Magazines, or Music.
• If Music is highlighted, you will see only music materials after clicking the Okay button.
• If Books And Magazines is highlighted in the “Book Type” combo box, use the set of radio buttons to choose fiction, nonfiction, or all if you want to
see both fiction and nonfiction titles in the same list.
• Click the Okay button to get the resulting list of books.
list end

Previous Downloads: Alt+V, P, P, Enter

Users of BARD Express now have the ability to access their list of previously downloaded books and magazines.

Under the View menu in the menu bar, choose Previous Downloads to see your list of previously downloaded titles.

Or, type the keyboard combination, Alt+V, P, P, and Enter

Sort: Alt+T

To try out the new keyboard command, navigate to a list of titles such as your Bookshelf, Wish List, Recently Added, Most Popular Downloads, or Browse
By Subject. After bringing up the “Sort” menu, explore the new ways you can sort the titles.

Subscribe to a book series or magazine: Alt+S

This keyboard command lets you subscribe to your favorite book series and magazines.

list of 4 items
• Locate a book series or magazine and open it so you see all the titles in that series or magazine publication.
• Choose the Subscribe button.
• BARD Express will say that you are now subscribed to the item.
• Choose Okay.
list end

Unsubscribe to a book series or magazine: Alt+U

list of 4 items
• Locate a book series or magazine and open it so you see all the titles in that series or magazine publication.
• To unsubscribe, choose the Unsubscribe button.
• BARD Express will say that you are now unsubscribed to the item.
• Choose Okay.
list end

Manage Subscriptions: Alt+V, S, S, Enter

An alternative to unsubscribing to a magazine or book series as described above, consider managing all your subscriptions from one place.

list of 4 items
• Open the View menu in the menu bar, Alt+V
• Scroll through this menu until you find the item named Subscriptions, and choose it. Alternatively, use the keyboard command listed above.
• Open the item you wish to unsubscribe to.
• Choose the Unsubscribe button as described above.
list end

Here’s how to download the software.

If you’re already using BARD Express:

list of 4 items
1. After running the program, open the Help menu and choose, “Check for Updates.”
2. If you’re not already running the latest version of BARD Express, the program will notify you that a new version is available.
3. Choose the option to download the software. BARD Express will download the new version and start the installation process.
4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
list end

Alternatively, you can download the software from:


Note, this version supports Windows 7.0 and above.


The BARD Support Team

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