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Pay up, … Google will ban your web site if you don’t pay from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Pay up, … Google will ban your web site if you don’t pay

This is extortion at its best. In an article entitled Pay Up, Or We’ll Make Google Ban Your Ads Krebs On Security pens a tale of crooks who are trying to extort money by telling you that if you don’t pay the extortion, your web site will be banned by Google.

A new email-based extortion scheme apparently is making the rounds, targeting Web site owners serving banner ads through Google’s AdSense program. In this scam, the fraudsters demand bitcoin in exchange for a promise not to flood the publisher’s ads with so much bot and junk traffic that Google’s automated anti-fraud systems suspend the user’s AdSense account for suspicious traffic.

I’ve never used add sense, and if I had thought about using it, I definitely am not going to utalize it now. Thats going to ask for trouble. I don’t honestly know what sites are using now, I know that Blind Bargains may have used them at one point, and they may have moved away from it now. I honestly don’t know.

If you use this program to make money, you aught to watch out.

The article does go on to talk about someone who did have a spike in traffic from their account, and people may look in to this and determine that it may be legitiment.

Welcome to the Internet! This can’t be good.

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Pay up, … Google will ban your web site if you don’t pay was released on February 22, 2020 at 4:00 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: February 22, 2020.

Comments (1)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 24 February 2020 alle 11:46 (),

    Hmmm its just a scam.

    Add sence is a popular thing for google and they wouldn’t throw its users lik this.
    You have full control over things.
    But yeah sometimes the systems let bad guys in, google to its credit actually does a fucking good job in actually keeping my inbox clear of spam, scams and fishing for the most part.
    There are probably a few crooks here now but google will realise this eventually and slaughter them.
    Of course it can’t really stop those crooks making a load of fake google accounts and accessing the system legally to do alegal things at least not immediately.
    Still, adds can work and they can not.
    My dad searches for a lot of things, everything from guns to travel, to whatever.
    Now he gets adds for all sorts of things on his phone all the time, all day long.
    Same with email, everyone want’s your business, you can’t fault them on that.
    Some companies like a place I got a travel bag from says I have to stay in their program I need to continue recieving their popups and I may stay in for the bargain.
    My clothes and food stores do the same, I get a lot of emails and popups on my system, the majority are just something I don’t want, but sometimes I find something I do.
    And when I go to the supermarket or fill up the car, I am pleased for the discounts and promos I will recieve so its a bit of a take the good with the bag and shove it up your ass because you do probably want some of it at some point in time.
    Sadly once you have been added to all these databases because of your search terms there is no real way to get out either.
    My mum got some add from samsung and mcafee for a free malware something which she loaded since it just did and well nothing bad but still who knows.
    Of course malware and other such things compaired to pc protection mobile malware protection is really cheap, free for most of it and between 5 and 10 bucks a month otherwise.
    Some malware software vendors even have both bundled.
    Of course the mobile stuff runs a lot faster for mobile devices.
    A friend I have has free and low cost anti all sorts of stuff on his phone and its readily available.
    People can adjust their services to depending what they want and use.
    Its not like companies like google want to hide or could without losing huge business.

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