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AI having a help in cyberattacks? from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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AI having a help in cyberattacks?

Lastpass has an article talking about AI having a hand in protecting the user in regards to Cybercrime. I think this could be utalized in many different ways from password mitigation and saying that you can’t use such passwords or even in some way that you or I haven’t thought of. Using AI to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks is the article, and I don’t think I read the article yet. I was just contemplating it since I saw the title and I’m going to open it up for commentsto see what you guys think.

I’ll make sure to give this one a read.

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AI having a help in cyberattacks? was released on February 22, 2020 at 4:45 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: February 21, 2020.

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  1. Comment by crashmaster date 24 February 2020 alle 11:37 (),

    Hmmm that sounds like a nice idea.
    Here is the thing, ai can and does trip up.
    Now it depends on the nature of what is used.
    For example, stats and search on here are leased to other services, adds, etc.
    But you don’t have control of what those systems exactly do though you may have a rough idea of what is done.
    For our security the ai is quite simple but I made it that way.
    Ai systems are fine when they work.
    Finding out for example what you have on your shopping list and advertising based on that thing.
    But even though it may help, I wouldn’t necessarily trust or at least trust it all the time.
    Look at text prediction on a mobile phone for example.
    Look at ocr.
    Look at well whatever point is the more complex it gets the more it can break in an weird and interesting way.
    Except not much can be done if it does.
    If it breaks, you can fix it but system complex, the human has no chance of fixing it easily.
    My computer systems for example.
    Yes if they start and there is something I can hear is wrong I can fix it.
    If its comething so far from my knowing I can’t the only thing to really do is reinstall the system.
    Ai is like this, its going to take over not because it wants to, but because it choaks and we can’t fix it.
    Ai systems are good in helping but automation has its downside.

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