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CSUN vendors dropping like flies

Lots of news is being reported in regards to the CSUN conference. Last I knew, the conference was hosted in San Diego, but I guess its going to be hosted in Anaheim this year. Growing List of Sponsors including Google, Microsoft, Deque Bail on #CSUNATC20, Organizers Remaining Silent and #CSUNATC20 is Still a Go for Now, though Coronavirus Concerns are Causing Many to Reconsider are only two articles through blind bargains.

I saw through their twitter that Microsoft, Adobe, and other vendors have pulled out due to the concerns of this new virus that started in China.

I was hopeful to go to Arizona to represent Braille2000 in an event, but B2K’s Bob Stepp has backed out in concern of the virus, as well as other committments days after the Arizona event.

Other news across the spectrum about this virus goes beyond this blog, but sports events may be impacted. To keep this tech related, I hope that the organizers will do the right thing to keep everyone safe through this difficult time since there is no cure for this virus last I heard. Please be safe!

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CSUN vendors dropping like flies was released on March 3, 2020 at 7:30 pm by tech in accessibility newsand issues.
Last modified: March 3, 2020.

Comments (2)

  1. Comment by crashmaster date 4 March 2020 alle 12:36 (),

    That doesn’t surprise me.
    The olympics may be canceled this year, this virus has really effected the world.
    New zealand alone has 2 cases and maybe 3 today and rising.
    I am going on holiday to hawaii this year and with my eyes and my elergies well who knows.
    Insurance is a big bugbear and a lot of people are just not risking it.
    Even hanging on to rails in a lift or stairs is hugely risky, yet thats how the blind navigate things.
    At home I am even washing my hands more between tasks where I would usually not even bother.
    And its going to get worse.
    So far I am fine but several schools in my airiea close to me have it and are now shut down its a real pain in the testicles.
    So far not many are panicing but there are always those that are prepairing for the end of the world.
    I can’t say I will panic just yet, but if we get 20 cases a day or it gets more than say 6 months to a year then yeah Its going to become a rather painfull bunion.
    Getting sick away depending on your circumstances may also be a problem with insurance companies just not covering it, if you enter a hospital somewhere its your problem.
    If you get home and have to hold up in your home for a couple weeks, that would be fucking boring but it would be ok.
    I spend about 90 percent of all my time in home and near a computer.
    If I really put my mind to it I have at least a year’s worth work to do.
    However being stuck in a phacility somewhere would be quite bad even if it was local.
    However this thing is going global, which to my mind means either we close everything and suffer more or we take it on the chin and just role with it.
    For conferences and the like, a virtual one could happen though timezones and the like, who knows.
    What that could mean is you would have to have a virtual one in the us with all the american users and a europian one with all those on the other side and put them together.
    Because I am at the other end of the globe any vertual conference just doesn’t match my timezone.
    At least people are not panicking like they did a little while ago.

  2. Comment by tech date 4 March 2020 alle 15:48 (),

    Its sad. I was to possibly do some stuff, but the person then backed out, although if we’re going to get sick, we’re going to get sick. We can’t prevent it all.

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