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Posting on a forum for credit card info: lets teach our kids

I’ve been trying to come up with a way for me to talk about something I saw on a forum, without making it sound like it is one of the worst things you can do.

While it isn’t advisable to be posting questions asking for different types of info, I want to be caucious at the fact that there are people here that may not know better and do something that could harm them.

We’ve all done it, posted something somewhere we shouldn’t have. Its a possibility that I did this, even in my adult years, so I’m going to harp on myself as well as part of this post.

One of the things in today’s internet we need to be aware of are sites called Dark Web sites. Sadly, the Dark Web and the Deep Web can be used interchangeably according to Wikipedia’s lookup on dark web.

Some of the things that can go on in the dark or deep web is credit card selling. Also, tons of personal information is sold in the dark or deep web. With that, what I saw was posted in a forum in the application Dice World, which would be considered the clear web, or the vast majority of the visible Internet.

I’ve talked about Dice World problems before with good news included. The latest bad thing was this post talking about cheating as it relates to games which would include Dice World. We’ve also talked about dice world in our podcasts like podcast 326 and podcast 341 just to name two of them.

I’m not going to talk about this on my podcast, but I want to highlight with this post that the information about asking for information can go on any type of forum or mailing list, and this should not be taken just from the forum on Dice World.

Someone posted on the forum for someone to give them access to a credit card because they could not pay for more space on their icloud. The person in question indicated that they were under the age of 18. I’m not going to mention the age, nor the user name because I do not remember the user name off hand, and the age would not be appropriate to disclose in case it is wrong.

I can tell you that I’ve never seen this type of thing, and responses indicated that people should not give them any information. I was caucious and said that you should only do this with people you trust, not from an open threat such as this.

Mistakes can happen, no matter what the platform is. We’ve talked about software stuff before and now the phishing attacks with the Corona Virus. I’ve also talked about scammers targeting the blind but I don’t feel that this was necessarily the case.

I feel that the report I was given was pretty genuine, this may have been a child. who didn’t know any better, and education is appropriate. If I were able to moderate this, I would educate them about the fact that this is not necessarily a good idea, and that their parent or legal guardian should be responsible for their spending. I know that my stuff is paid for in this way, although I do pay for other things as well.

I’ve made mistakes on mailing lists, and was talked to, so I’m not singling any person out when I say that this person should’ve been blocked. I would definitely hope that once the post was removed by Dice World, immediate communication comensed by Email or messaging through the application to explain that this was not a good thing to do.

We should teach the young, not give them harsh punishments. As it were, the account was created the very day that I saw the post. In part, “I don’t normally do this, but …” and it was followed by the request.

My blog tries to cator to everyone, so if the person effected was to read this, I’d love to talk to you about the Internet so you understand what is happening now especially since things are changing in this world.

Do you know anyone who may be doing this? Do teach them, lets not give them a hard time. They aren’t criminals, yet. Look at the intent and determine whether or not a harsh punishment is necessary.

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Last modified: March 27, 2020.

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