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Scammers hitting the blind, same as my talks earlier from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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Scammers hitting the blind, same as my talks earlier

Dice World has been talked about on my podcast as well as it being demoed in various aspects throughout the podcast. I’ve been recently looking at the forums that have now been added, and it looks like the scammers are now targeting the blind.

On podcasts prior, I’ve talked about multiple people who have added me to twitter and have asked for my Hangouts. After getting me on Hangouts, they insist on either having me pay to get them here to see me, asking for gift cards, or even money.

One of these people I said that I couldn’t pay for anything, and that they’re a scammer. They were rude saying that I shouldn’t mess with their business and that their lawyer would contact me. I told them that I would tell them everything, and yet, still no lawyer. Its a business to scam people out of money and try to get people to have a so-called relationship with no voice or video communication?

While I’ve been on dice world for a number of years, it saddens me that the blind community is now being targeted with people who are doing this type of thing. I’ve not encountered them on my own through that platform, but the developer is encouraging players to report this to them by email.

Podcast 289 which is available upon request if you can’t find it through RSS, talks about one such person who followed me on twitter. As someone who has been on the Internet for quite a number of years, before some, I’ve read plenty of articles and even some books about what these people can do. This Blog Post talking about Scam me if you can is one such book, and I’m sure there are others.

Since this is a blog talking about all sorts of things, I want people to know what I’m seeing. If you think that scams like this could happen on a gaming platform like Diceworld, this article talking about employment scams may be a reminder that it isn’t just the above mention we should be talking about or even this tech support article where scammers will go after your hard earned files and even try to have you pay money to supposedly fix the problem they will or have already started.

Think thats all we have to deal with? > Phone Phishing, Data Breaches, and Banking Scams is something else, and you can search this blog for more.

The fact that the scammers, one of whom is changing their name from male to female, is coming over to a platform like Diceworld, means nothing. This is sad! Some of the people on this type of platform don’t know a whole lot about these people, and they can fall for whatever they ask, and question it afterword or even while communicating with them.

This is a sad state of affairs. I’m saddened that these people have nothing else to do with their lives. I think some of these people are very employable and can use their skills for good instead of getting money out of a community that relies on money to survive.

This is not going to go away any time soon, and if you search scam on this blog, you’ll find lot of articles besides the ones I’m linking here in this post. Use your gut. Its there to tell you if something is not right. Follow what it says. There’s a community out there who are bringing it up, and asking questions, and thats great! Keep it up!

If I can be of help, please feel free to reach out. I’m just an email, imessage, phone call, or text message away!

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Scammers hitting the blind, same as my talks earlier was released on January 30, 2020 at 10:00 am by tech in accessibility newsand issues,article commentary,security news and commentary.
Last modified: January 30, 2020.

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