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An ad campaign detering cybercrime

In yet another good news piece, the United Kingdom is doing something about detering their citizens from going to cybercrime. In an article from Cyberscoop, this campaign has had some great success.

This article comes from Krebs on Security and was awesome to see.

The United Kingdom’s anti-cybercrime agency is running online ads aimed at young people who search the Web for services that enable computer crimes, specifically
trojan horse programs and DDoS-for-hire services. The ad campaign follows a similar initiative launched in late 2017 that academics say measurably dampened
demand for such services by explaining that their use to harm others is illegal and can land potential customers in jail.

For example, search in Google for the terms “booter” or “stresser” from a U.K. Internet address, and there’s a good chance you’ll see a paid ad show up
on the first page of results warning that using such services to attack others online is illegal. The ads are being paid for by the U.K.’s National Crime Agency,
which saw success with a related campaign for six months starting in December 2017.

This is only the beginning. If we in the U.S. can do the same, or even other countries around the world, this cybercrime thing may have a chance to go down. It may not be the end all solution to cybercrime, but we should start somewhere.

UK Ad Campaign Seeks to Deter Cybercrime is the article, and I hope this is a starting point to more great news in this space.

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