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Lets start this week with some good news

As we start another week here on the blog, I want to start with some good news for a change. I know the week here is starting on Wednesday, but I’ve been involved in my next assignment among yesterday sleeping half my day which was not what I wanted to do.

The good news comes in two articles I sent over to my address for future blogging and I thought that the next time I blogged, I’d start with these.

Romanian Skimmer Gang in Mexico Outed by KrebsOnSecurity Stole $1.2 Billion is the first story, and while the guy here talked about was picked up, the Mexican Police got a wakeup call with their corruptness. Crime should not pay, and if I had stole 1.2 million dollars, you bet if they came knocking on my door, I’d be arrested. With the recent protests lately, we know that things aren’t necessarily fair, but I think they surely try

I can’t forget a related article to the first one that I should put here, Report: ATM Skimmer Gang Had Protection from Mexican Attorney General’s Office. This is journalism at its best, and I think both of these articles should be read starting with this one, than moving to the first one in this list.

Finally, in the good news department, Cyberscoop continues to report on the fin7 group. Federal officials have arrested another accused FIN7 hacker is great news as the cybercrime activity continues amit the various things going on in the world now a days.

A Ukrainian national was arrested last week in Seattle for his alleged involvement in hacking operations run by FIN7, a syndicate known for stealing approximately
$1 billion from its victims in the United States.

According to court documents obtained by CyberScoop, Denys Iarmak has been charged with conspiracy to commit computer hacking, accessing a protected computer
to commit fraud, intentional damage to a protected computer, access device fraud, conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud, wire fraud, and aggravated
identity theft.

This ois just the beginning of this article, and I think it definitely needs to be read. This can’t be the only good news we find. Found something I should talk about or blog? Send an email and get in touch!

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Lets start this week with some good news was released on June 10, 2020 at 10:30 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: June 10, 2020.

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