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Data Leaking, how big of a problem is it?

I’m sure that data has been leaking in some form or another for quite awhile depending on the platform, bugs found, and other factors. According to an article, Twitter and other social media platforms are leaking data that could be sensitive in nature including credit cards, pins, and more.

Phishlabs really covers this well, because when we think of data leak, we think of people underground using services that we don’t have to sell the data mentioned in the first paragraph. According to one paragraph, it says:

The damage to an organization experiencing a data leak on social media can manifest in various ways. Regardless of the nature of what is leaked, as well
as the extent, the bad publicity surrounding the event can have a long-lasting impact. Without a solid reputation that customers feel they can trust, loss
of business and a decline in profit is inevitable. 

According to 2019 numbers, data problems will increase 27.9 percent in the next two years, and now that we’re practically at home, this could be a problem.

There are also expenses that are incurred by data breaches including legal, investigating the matter, and proactive steps to mitigate the problem are just a few items that could hamper a business.

In the article, there are photos of posts both on twitter and facebook of potential leaks. Do you want to read more? Head over to Phishlabs, and read Data Leakage on Social Media: Credit Card Info, Confidential Docs by Jessica Ellis. I think its a great read, and you will want to check it out as the pandemic continues.

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Data Leaking, how big of a problem is it? was released on June 30, 2020 at 3:30 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: June 30, 2020.

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