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NFB newsline 3.0 with KNFB basic included

Hello Folks, just received the following Email today through NFB. I’m passing this along for everyone, and I hope that it is of value. While I have the full KNFB reader app, as well as others, this may be of value for those who don’t have anything and need something like this and are subscribed to newsline.


NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile 3.0 with KNFB Reader Basic Released

Free iOS App Now Available

The National Federation of the Blind has released version 3.0 of NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile to the Apple App Store. The brand new, redesigned app not only allows subscribers to access all of the content available through NFB-NEWSLINE from their iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device, but includes a free basic version of the KNFB Reader mobile app. NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile includes these features and much more:

KNFB Reader Basic, a free version of KNFB Reader with the core functions necessary to quickly scan any printed text – just point, shoot, and read!

The ability to share articles from publications in the breaking news category to social media channels.

Multiple customization options to organize, save, and manage both NFB-NEWSLINE content and documents scanned with KNFB Reader Basic.

NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile 3.0 is fully accessible with VoiceOver so that users can hear content read aloud or read it in Braille with a connected refreshable Braille display or notetaker, making the app ideal for blind and deafblind users.

“We are pleased and proud that NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile 3.0 – a technology solution created by blind people for blind people – is now a one-stop destination for access to all kinds of information, including printed text,” said Mark Riccobono, President of the National Federation of the Blind. “Having instant access to the information we need wherever we go helps all blind and deafblind people live the lives we want.”

David DeNotaris, who participated in beta testing of the app, said: “As a husband/father, entrepreneur and elected school board director, access to print information is crucial! NFB-NEWSLINE provides me with fast, reliable and accessible local, state, national and international breaking news and information at my fingertips! At a recent school board meeting, a document was distributed in print with updated guidance that needed to be considered prior to a vote later in the evening. I used my NFB-NEWSLINE app to quickly and discreetly snap a picture and listen to the document through my earbuds, take some notes, ask questions and make an informed decision. NFB-NEWSLINE helps me stay connected, empowering me to contribute on our local school board and compete in our global economy, allowing me to fit in, not sit out. Thank you NFB-NEWSLINE team, you are #DifferenceMakers!”

For more information about the NFB-NEWSLINE service and the new mobile app, please visit nfb.org/programs-services/nfb-newsline.

The tech blog is passing this on for people to know about, and I hope it is of value. Thanks so much for reading!

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NFB newsline 3.0 with KNFB basic included was released on September 28, 2020 at 5:22 pm by tech in accessibility newsand issues.
Last modified: September 28, 2020.

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