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A petition on lowering the cost of an iphone for the disabled? Let’s discuss from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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A petition on lowering the cost of an iphone for the disabled? Let’s discuss

Hello folks,

I was perusing the applevis web site and while I saw this post some days ago, I never really read it. The post I’m going to link to is a petition asking Apple to lower the price of their devices for people with disabilities.

While the Iphone S.E. 2020 is roughly $400 compared to other models of phones, some of the commenters did talk about buying the phone through a monthly plan.

My family invested in two new phones this year just before Covid-19 hit. Do you know what we did? We put the cost of the phones on the current bill, and the bill is getting paid.

There should be no reason why we as a disabled community should ask for the lowering of the price of the phone, especially when we can already use several methods such as the apple care program or the carrier plan to pay for the use of the device.

I do understand the one commenter who talked about developing countries who struggle with basic necessities. While the point is spot on, and even Blind Access Journal’s Darrell Shandrow even said no to this. He has been promoting petitions that would be fair for accessibility change, and without even reading the petion on the initial post to be linked, this just tells me that the person posting just wants another handout.

The problem with the blind community as a whole is that people want free handouts. If I can’t afford it, I just can’t have it!

I once never went to Fresh Books, and said “I can’t afford it, but I want you to give me free service because I’m blind, and oh BTW, your service isn’t accessible.” No! I didn’t do this. I took the chalenge to see if I could do it, then got a Freshbooks person on the phone to discuss how we can make their product better.

Because of my willingness to report these issues, and a company who now ports at least 5 million and counting customers, this company showed me that they want this to work for everyone and I know that blind people are working with Freshbooks on a daily basis.

This petition sickens me and I don’t have to read it to know that it smells bad. No, I’m not calling it a scam. I don’t want to go that far. I do understand that people can’t afford a product or service you want, but you can’t expect companies to bend backwards for you because you’re disabled.

The only reason why we have NLS Bard is because the government is providing it as a service to us. All we have to do is show proof of reading disability through a doctor or other health professional who is qualified. That is all. That’s why I’m a Learning Ally member, because my family paid the money and I have a life time membership there.

I’m sure that I’ll once again pay for Freshbooks, even though I had paid them before. I’ll need to do that as the free service has come to an end.

If you want to read the apple vis forum topic about this petition, you may. Here is the forum topic: A petition asking Apple to consider discounts for people with disabilities. for you to check out. Feel free to register and comment on this. Registration is free, and if you can’t do it, contact one of the admins and we’ll be happy to give you a hand. Thanks so much for reading.

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A petition on lowering the cost of an iphone for the disabled? Let’s discuss was released on October 15, 2020 at 3:00 pm by tech in accessibility newsand issues.
Last modified: October 15, 2020.

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