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A new BARD express is out

In the better late than never department, although I’m not too far late.

This should already be out already, go to BARD for the link. I have forgotten about this address for email lists, I’m not way too late for it though.

BARD Express will be released the week of May 31st. This version will be supported by Windows 8.1 through 10.X operating systems. Screen readers supporting this latest update of BARD Express are JAWS for Windows 2018 to the most current version and NVDA 2017.1 to the most current version.


  • Within the Installation Type section, Private is now the default choice, and Public is the second choice, which will help keep users from mistakenly installing BARD Express on a shared
  • computer.

  • The font size of the Getting Started guide has been increased to 16 point for better viewing.
  • The Previous Downloads list can now be organized by Type, Subject, or Author, just like the Bookshelf.
  • Previous Downloads, Recently Added, and Most Popular Downloads will now display 100 titles at a time by default.
  • The keyboard shortcut Control + S can now be used to quickly navigate to the Search Field from within Search, the Book Details screen, or from anywhere within BARD Express (excluding the
  • menu bar).

  • All shortcut key combinations will be spoken by the screen reader and will be shown on braille displays. Focus now lands on the first book or magazine title in both the Bookshelf and Wish
  • List.

  • The Okay button is now the default action any time the Enter key is pressed from within the Library Information dialog.
  • A Cancel button has been created to enable a search to be canceled from within the Search menu. Pressing the Escape key will also cancel a search.
  • The Author label is now announced when a user tabs through the Book Details. If a user clicks on the name of an author, BARD Express will bring up a list of books on BARD by that author.
  • While in the Filter utility, a user can tap the letter S to jump directly into the Subject List.
  • Preferences that have been changed by users will carry over to newer versions of BARD Express when updating via the auto-updater.
  • Verbosity is reduced when NVDA speaks the status of checkboxes. NVDA now says, “Checkbox checked,” if a user has upgraded the screen reader to version 2020.4.
  • Screen readers now speak a notification when switching between Standard and Advanced modes when using the keyboard command Control+L.

Bug fixes:

  • JAWS now correctly reports the status of the radio buttons in the Filter utility when first letter navigation is used to move from All to Fiction and Nonfiction.
  • Subscription status is now correctly reported by screen readers in Browse by Series and in Browse Magazines.

This should be found on NLS’s BARD page when you log in, or through its auto updater. Since I don’t use it, I don’t know how to access it, but check its menus. The email came from the BARD support list which I’m a member.

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A new BARD express is out was released on June 6, 2021 at 5:30 pm by tech in accessibility newsand issues.
Last modified: June 6, 2021.

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