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With Scams of all kinds up, an article might be better late than never posted here from blog The Technology blog and podcast

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With Scams of all kinds up, an article might be better late than never posted here

Hey folks,

In the better late than never department, I’ve been thinking about an article I read back in may and sent it to the Security Box list.

The article is titled Cryptocurrency regulators are scrambling to catch up with hackers who are swiping billions and it came to us from Cyberscoop.

At the time of reading, I marked it as part of our discussions, but other bigger things came up and so I’ve held on to it.

The problem is, that we have both not seen any updates, and the Crypto Scams are now getting to new lows.

How do I know its gone to new lows? Take this week’s Pig Butching topic.

blog post

I’ve also talked in podcasts 287 and 289 about one person who decided to try and scam me out of Itunes gift cards just so I can have some adult fun with them.

I even talked about someone who decided to basicly flip me off because they weren’t getting their way with me. But what about our regulators who are supposed to make laws to help us stay as safe as possible?

The fact is, this main article we’re covering in this post is talking about billions in fraud, and people on Clubhouse and other social media think its OK to go about contacting us to try and get us to invest.

I’ll say it again, don’t invest more than you can lose. This community only gets so much money, based on our situation. That is our living money! The article never gave a timeline on when these laws would go in to effect, but so far, various people still think that we can invest even a couple hundred dollars and promise us many times the amount.

So, is all of this pig butchering then? I guess we’ll see. May the comments begin. Let’s see where this goes.

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With Scams of all kinds up, an article might be better late than never posted here was released on August 1, 2022 at 8:05 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: July 30, 2022.

Comments (2)

  1. Comment by tech date 1 August 2022 alle 11:58 (),

    Hi Shaun,

    Yes, Crypto is not regulated. In fact, everyone I’ve run in to says its the best thing ever. One person I said that if it crashes, the question is, what are we going to do? This was when it was close to $60k and they said I was being negative. Now, Crypto is around $22k but its lost about 70 percent of its value. You tell me. I’m not invested and I don’t have the money to lose. People have lost millions and committed suicide. So … that is what I’m hearing and discussed. Great comments as always!

  2. Comment by crashmaster date 1 August 2022 alle 11:14 (),

    nice article.
    Now my brother is going on how crypto is all the rage.
    And while I agree we need to have a cashless non government controled currency especially with the world status there are issues.
    One of these is that by cutting out regulation and shifting it to the consumer you have no backup should it go wrong.

    Technically its all recorded but the crypto systems are outside the law.
    Eventually they will all drop out and bitcoin who knows.
    I hear there is no regulation on mining so unlucky people are getting scammed to.
    This is exactly what is going to happen.
    The only sure fire way is to make crypto alegal and go back to normal.

    Of course on the other side the world itself aint in good shape as it is so its hard to know where you stand.

    However unlike my dads generation while I don’t completely trust the government that I currently have, they are the law and its best to do what they say without any challenge that may anger them.
    I am no new age pirate like I was.
    I am an almost middle aged man and I’d like to leave the rearranging to some yunger person that gives a damn.
    I just want a stable life.
    Becides with all that terror stuff and how just about everything can be adjusted to whoever wants the next cashpile I wouldn’t rock the boat right now.
    Crypto is an interesting rebelion but eventually its going to have be got rid of because its greatest strength is its own downfall.
    My brother who is into this doesn’t agree with me and says its all well tracked and self regulated.
    This would suggest its not and its hard to control.

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