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EUFY is in hot water, should it be time to remove it?

On podcast 124, we talked about a product called EUFY and issues I heard about through listening to podcast 900 of the Security Now program.

Don’t worry, I’ll be catching up on SN at some point and you’ll see notations and downloads for that soon.

For those who want the blog post with the announcement of the last podcast, here you go.

In that blog post, I wrote the show notes and a link to the podcast for people to have. If you want to be reminded about just the EUFY section, let’s just get down to the chase.

Here are the notes specificly on EUFY that are taken directly from the last podcast.

EUFY not telling the truth

I don’t have any articles, but SN 900 covered this and I saw a notice from Malware Bytes. They say that footage from their cameras are not send to the cloud, but an Ars Technica article mentioned by Stieve indicates otherwise. The company Anker (not to be confused with Anchor) says this is not the case.

Now, publications like komando.com are sounding the alarm about this company and their dodgy practices. Komando’s article is titled Have this security cam at home? You should probably stop using it and is probably not going to be the only article out there in regards to this problem.

This article was written today and encourages users to simply disconnect the device until otherwise notified.

This article also highlights what the company, Anker, had and what they’re doing. It includes:

  • • “To start, we’re taking every step imaginable to ensure your data remains private, with you.”
  • • “There is no online link available to any video.”
  • • “Your video recordings will not be viewed, shared, or used by eufy for any other purpose.”
  • • “In response to legal requests from law enforcement agencies, we will not, without the customer’s consent, disclose video recordings unless it is necessary to comply with the law or if there is an emergency involving imminent danger of death or serious physical injury to a person.”

As someone who has been involved in security for qite a number of years, denying wrongdoing will probably be the last thing you want to do as a company.

I remember at least writing three post mortem reports since I’ve seen it done elsewhere.

this blog post wasn’t quite a post mortem, but I wrote that up after I couldn’t reach the network even thoughthe company said they could get there and that lead to other issues and resolutions.

While I may not know every little thing there is to know, and I don’t plan on saying that I do know everything, we need to understand what is going on.

Not everyone is going to read privacy policies and terms of service, it is human nature. Terms of service and privacy policies are quite lengthy. this blog post talks about research about privacy policies and terms of service, and I urge people to read it.

I think the community needs to work together, and I understand it can be difficult. We need to start somewhere and I don’t know where or how. Its not my thing to say that we should, when I’m only one person and not having a lot of money to pay to either do advertising or getting the word out.

Let’s figure out what types of things we can do that could probably get this changed.

If thoughts, comment or write me. Looking forward in responses!

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EUFY is in hot water, should it be time to remove it? was released on December 21, 2022 at 8:00 pm by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: December 21, 2022.

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