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Krebs on Security celebrated its 12th birthday

On December 29th of each year, Krebs on Security has a birthday. This past year, he highlighted some of the topics that made big news in 2022 and some of these we’ve even covered.

  • January starts off with Nortan and others installing Crypto Currency miners on your machine. They have enough to do trying to keep us safe, why would AntiVirus companies want to do this? Also in January, Russia did something we’ve never seen, arrest 14 people who were part of the REvil gang. One paragraph states:

    Security and Russia experts dismiss the low-level arrests as a kind of “ransomware diplomacy,” a signal to the United States that if it doesn’t enact severe sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine, Russia will continue to cooperate on ransomware investigations.

  • With the Superbowl coming up in February, last year, the Superbowl had a few ads covering Crypto Currency. At the time, Crypto like Bitcoin was doing well, but did the ads really cover how to get it and the risks that were behind it? At the same time, crypto.com had headlines in the news that 30 million dollars were stolen from customer accounts. They now own Staple Center in downtown Los Angeles, home of the Los Angeles Kings, Clippers and Lakers.
  • Also in February, TSB and other outlets including Clubhouse rooms covered the invasion that Russia did to Ukraine. Experts in the field indicated that it could turn out bad, but how bad we didn’t know. One arrest that was covered was a Ukrainian that was responsible for the Raccoon Malware.

While we can highlight a ton of these, we took a few highlights from the first two months. See how many of these might be of value and what we covered.

The article is titled Happy 12th Birthday, KrebsOnSecurity! and let’s see how many people can recollect some of these stories.

We’d like to thank Krebs on Security for doing some great coverage of great items. Some of them were huge, and could be game changing in the industry.

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Krebs on Security celebrated its 12th birthday was released on January 23, 2023 at 11:30 am by tech in article commentary.
Last modified: January 23, 2023.

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